Boy For Sale – The Boy Colton Chapter 2 – The Auction

Release Year: 2023
Studio: Boy For Sale
Cast: Masters Barrett, Wheeler, Colton
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, rimming

Things have been moving so quickly of late. I can barely keep track of my thoughts. What I do know is that there’s been some kind of seismic change in me – a complete shift in the way I perceive myself. It is now clear to me that I exist in this world to please others. The act of yielding to a dominant man makes me almost explode with excitement. It is my purpose and my future. I met Master Legrand purely by chance. He intrigued and entranced me from the moment I set eyes on him. Of course, I now realize that the intense feelings I developed for him were too monogamous. If I am to be someone who exists to give pleasure to others, I must regularly offer myself to others. Saying goodbye to my first master was hard, but it was also liberating. The idea of being auctioned off was intimidating to begin with, but the more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. The reality, of course, was very different from my expectations. I was ushered into a dimly-lit room, wearing just a bow tie and a tight jockstrap. I could see a dark sea of men sitting on chairs in front of me. I sensed they were all in suit and tie because their white shirts were glowing mysteriously in the void. The auctioneer was handsome beyond words. He told me his name was Master Barrett and that his job was to help me sell myself. He had a kind, honest face, which I instantly trusted. The moment we entered the room, Master Barrett became authoritative. He clicked his fingers repeatedly, but strangely enough I always seemed to understand what he wanted me to do. I’m learning that there’s an exciting mental synergy which can exist between a boy and his master. Master Barrett removed his suit jacket and stood behind me, slowly running his masculine hands across my shoulders and down my arms. I instantly felt my body shivering uncontrollably with excitement. Goosebumps exploded on every inch of skin. I had no clue what to expect. I didn’t know who was bidding. Were they really offering to pay that much for me? Did they want me that much? With every jerk of his hand, or twist of his finger, Master Barrett turned me on that little bit more. I instinctively knew the pointlessness of falling for him. This was destined to be a fleeting encounter and yet, every second I spent with him filled me with increasingly intense emotions… Everything was so quiet. I could hear programs rustling distantly in the crowd. I could hear the tap of Master Barrett’s footsteps and then the hollow sound of oil being pumped out of some sort of vessel. Within seconds, I felt the same oil dripping down my chest and then the deeply erotic sensation of Master Barrett’s large hands gently massaging it into me. I was in heaven. He turned my back to the men in the room, slowly sliding his hands down to my ass, which he started to finger while his eyes continually surveyed the crowd – daring them to bid higher. The oil had made its way onto his tie, which started to shimmer as it caught the light. Master Barrett made me squat on the platform. I could feel his tongue caressing my hole and his beard tickling the tender valley between my ass cheeks. Then I heard the squeaking of fabric as he removed his tie, then the clinking of him loosening his belt and I knew that the magical moment wasn’t far away. Within seconds, I felt the sharp sting of his perfect penis entering my body. I looked back at him. He was staring almost smugly at the crowd while his dick pounded ruthlessly in and out of me. The harder he went, the more I wanted him. My entire body started to hum and quiver. Then he turned me onto my back and fucked me really hard. I stared into his face, willing him to look at me. Sure, he occasionally glanced down, but his focus was very much on the other men in the room. I realized at that moment that I was not his possession. He was merely demonstrating me, road-testing me, showing potential buyers that I was a precious object which they could own. This was nothing but a transaction for him. I turned my attention to the crowd, wondering which one of them would purchase me. Which one wanted me the most? Master Barrett suddenly announced that he was going to cum before gritting his teeth and pounding me like I’ve never been pounded before. He exploded deep inside me. I don’t know how much cum went up there, but I could feel it gushing out of him. I realized that the auction had ended at the very moment he came into me. Someone had clearly now purchased me. I belonged to a stranger. I started trembling with excitement at the thought. Who was my new master? As Master Barrett coaxed his semen out of my hole, I felt a dark shadow passing through the light. I knew it was him… The man emerged from the gloom and stood close to me. Master Barrett handed him a ring. He wore a tightly-tailored suit and had a beautiful mustache. He smelled expensive. He smiled happily and placed the ring on his finger. Then he took my hand protectively and led me out of the auction room and I knew instantly that wherever he went, I would follow.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:27
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6793kbps
Audio: 276kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

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