Protect and Service Breaking and Entering My Hole Justin Matthews and Aiden Garcia

Release Year: 2024
Studio: NextDoorOriginals

Officer Justin Matthews arrives at the scene of a reported B&E. Aiden Garcia is terrified that someone has been in, and still might be inside his home. Officer Matthews does a sweep through the entire home but Aiden still doesn’t feel comfortable, that’s when Matthews decides to show Aiden how safe he really is. Matthews figures out the best way to calm the scared civilian is with his big cock!

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Duration: 53:12
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5667kbps
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Beddable Boys, Sc.1

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Amateur, Kissing, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Sperm, Cumshots
Video language: English

On a hot summers day is there anything better than refreshing oneself with a glass of water whilst your lover watches? We think not, with Rodion already naked, and now kissing Rick it’s hard to avoid noticing the hardness of this situation, both boys now with hardons, Rick is first to go down to harness the beauty of Rodion’s cock with his mouth and later to give him a footjob, which Rodion enjoys very much! But Rick is in for some pleasure for himself too, as Rodion goes down and sucks his shaft before focusing on his perfect pink pucker! Needless to say both boys are having an exciting time and the fucking hasn’t even started yet, and for sure you won’t be disappointed as these two wonderful boys give each other a very pleasing ending!

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Max & Mike – Cum licking boy gets a tasty treat from his friend

Release Year: 2024
Genres: Bareback , Gay Porn
Video language: English

Mike and Max have been out all afternoon playing football, but neither has admitted that all they really want to do is get their cocks out of their sexy little shorts and pleasure each other until their jizz is splashing out. Eventually their cocks get the better of them and when they finally come inside they can’t stop themselves. Making out and releasing their delicious young boners the two horny footballers feast on their tools, swapping their throbbing lengths and the precum leaking out of each other. Mike needs more than a taste, he’s soon laying back and offering his tight soccer boy goal, letting Max lick and finger his pucker. The boy’s naked cock eases into him, filling him up, making young Mike throb with delight and moan with pleasure as his friend fucks his ass deep. He loves the feel of it, his cock can’t take it for too long and as semen starts to spew out all over him his pal isn’t far behind. Mike finally gets his treat, the cum licking boy laps up the goo his friend pumps out in his face and swallows his juices.

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BoyForSale The Boy Cole – Chapter 16 – The Prize 720p

Studio: BoyForSale
Cast: Adam Snow, Cole Blue and Eddie Patrick

I had seen Master Patrick at events but, other than passing greetings, I had never had an opportunity to actually get to know him until Grandmaster Legrand invited us to his house for dinner and some fun. I was quite impressed with Master Patrick. He was friendly, well-educated, seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, and wasn’t at all bad looking.

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Duration: 32:32
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Cadinot Classics

Video language: English

Fucking his buddy from behind one last time before pulling out to splash his seed up his friend’s back, receiving his second juicy reward right in his handsome face.

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Fleischfabrik Berlin – Part One with Spencer Reed

Cast: Spencer Reed ,Sam Barclay
Genres: Rimming ,brunet ,Blowjob ,Anal ,shaved ,Tattoo ,Gay ,Bondage ,Submission ,master
Video language: English

In an abandoned lot in Berlin sits an old disused factory. Sam Barclay nervously follows his Master Spencer Reed, anxious for what the day will bring. Spencer inspects the boy’s ass then makes him suck his cock. He crops the boy’s ass, making it red, then drags him to the boiler building to fuck his hole. After sucking his cock and getting fucked next to the enormous boiler Sam is chained to the machine and flogged into submission. Spencer fucks his ass again while zapping him and blows his load on the boy’s face, leaving him in the vast space, alone, wanting, and waiting for whoever might show up next.

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Big Muscle Guy Vol. 5 (Kenji)


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MisterMale-Nikko Russo & Skyy Knox

Video language: English

insatiable bottom pushes himself to higher levels of pigginess. After being spit roasted, double penetrated, and taking load after load of cum down his throat, and in his wrecked hole, the fuck crazed bottom unleashes a huge load of cum while the…

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Latin Hunks Ashton Summers

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshots, Muscles, Bareback, Rimming, Tattoos
Video language: English

Randy Dixon had just gotten fucked by Jay Landford. Ashton had just gotten fucked Jacob Taylor. The day was long and the set needed to be cleared. But Ashton and Randy had been flirting with each other the whole trip. And the site of Ashton Summers naked, was too much for Randy. The two started to mess around as I was cleaning up. I told them if they wanted to have sex, they could, but I had to film it. They agreed and what followed is me following them around with my camera on the set as they got it on. They started out sucking and 69ing. Then Ashton waved his dick around and made Randy crawl on his knees just so he could get a taste of it. The sucking led to Ashton rimming Randy. As Ashton started to slap his dick on Randy’s hole, Randy declared that he was going to top him. He threw Ashton down and rimmed him and then stuck his raw dick inside of him. They fucked like maniacs. Their hot muscled smooth Latin bodies ramming up against each other. Finally Randy fucked Ashton up against the window until Ashton came buckets on the floor. Then Randy pulled out and came on Ashton’s quivering hole and creampied the cum back inside.

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