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Getting fucked by a hot ginger top. This is a bud i had been talking to for months on scruff. You guys know how that goes the never ending hookup apps that often leave u with flakey dudes or fake dudes or blue balls lol. Well this guy saw one of my videos and was suddenly all too eager to do one with me. He wanted to use my ass for the camera and edge his cock with my wet hole. He told me he thought i was fake for a while because my pictures were too nice. lol and asked why I didnt tell him i was a porn star. I guess i dont see myself as a porn star. I just like to fuck and film it for u guys to watch.

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Big Dick Bruce Fucks Eddie’s Virgin Hole 1080p

Cast: Bruce Garcia, Eddie Church
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Dominant Bruce garcia Knows Exactly What To Do With Eddie Church’s Hairy Virgin Ass! The scene begins with Bruce and Eddie making out in just their loose fitting boxers. Bruce has on plaid patterned underwear while Eddie has on sky blue Calvin Klein briefs. Seductively Bruce leads the way by kissing Eddie’s chest and fondling him through the fabric. Bruce grabs hold of Eddie’s hardening cock and removes the underwear from Eddie’s body. Bruce expertly wraps his lips around Eddie’s hardening shaft. The muscles in his throat tighten and relax rhythmically, creating a sensual suction that sends shockwaves through both men’s bodies. Then Bruce climbs over to position his crotch near Eddie’s face. Eddie opens his mouth wide as Bruce’s big dick enters. With each thrust forward, Eddie takes it all in without complaint, his eyes closed tightly as he savors the taste and texture of Bruce’s meaty cock. Meanwhile Bruce grabs hold of Eddie’s ass cheek while getting sloppy head. Eddie’s head bounces up and down rhythmically sucking Bruce’s hard cock. Bruce probes Eddie’s virgin ass by using a finger. Dominant Bruce decides it is time to fuck Eddie in the ass. Eddie gets on his hands and knees to submit to Bruce. Bruce slides his big dick inside Eddie’s uncharted ass and both men groan with pleasure. Bruce pumps away at Eddie’s hairy hole. Eddie’s ass clenches around Bruce’s rigid shaft, causing him to thrust deeper into his partner’s willing body.

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Craig Daniel and Gaston Croupier

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Craig Daniel & Gaston Croupier
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We know you luv foreskins so we put two of the finest we could find, And they’re attached to two stunning, ripped, hung hunks – Craig Daniel ( I mean really is that cock getting bigger every time!!) and porno-cherry-popper ripped Italian guy – Gaston Croupier, the best foreskins in the world come from Italy! Its a slippy, sticky, oily massage scene with Gaston putting up No resistance to Craig’s probing fingers, tongue and nine inch, invasive, uncut cock. Gaston gets it good, nine raw inches all the way up to Craig’s swollen, spunk filled nuts, he’s a macho fucker until that cock slams all the way in, then poor Gaston is a moaning, whimpering wreck, until his muscle hole is ready – then he’s pushing back for every inch. ( If you’re wondering how much Gaston enjoyed this scene, we’re measuring it in squirts and spurts – look out for that juicy, thick cum shot

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HarlemHookups – BB Bros

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Now that you all are home from work and ready to start the weekend, how about checking out my big dick sliding deep into Joes Hole! . He takes it like a pro! In fact we fucked all day. I couldn’t keep my dick outa his ass and he couldn’t stay off mine! Stay tuned for some arm Pitt action coming up next from Joe! I know how much you guys live his rm pits. He loves when I worship his feet and arm pits while he’s gaming!

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John Despe and Matt Kennedy

These fine young specimens can’t get enough of rock-hard cock, so they fill their days (and their holes) satisfying their carnal desires!

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Pijonenmascarado – Ep. 6


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Pounding Pile Drive: Sebastian Cruz & Jamar West (720p,1080p)

Cast: Sebastian Cruz, Jamar West
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Big dicked, bronze skin beauties, Jamar West, and Sebastian Cruz can’t keep their hands, loins, and lips off each other in this pretty boy pound down! Lip locked, but craving cock, wild boy West wrangles his way around to Cruz’s already rocked up cock, and unlatches his jock hungry jaw. The thirsty throater downs the dude’s delicious dick like a dirty bitch, while Sebattian smashes his slender hips at his tasty target hard. After tenderizing the twink’s tonsils, Cruz tongues West’s caramel, cock hungry cake with pornstar skill. With Jamar’s junky trunk wet, and ready, our pretty pro lays back on the bed like a boss, and offers West a raw ride. The naughty nineteen year old squats his super smooth seat down on that D, and gets right to work. The bouncing, bone filled beauty beams as he rides bottoms, clearly enjoying every inch of Cruz’s thick dick, as it drives him wild. With erotic adventure in his eyes, our tasty top tells his twink, "put your ass in the air." The limber lad lays on this back, and hikes his heels toward heaven, which is exactly where his top takes him. Cruz piledrives his pulsing piece deep into the perfect lil’ pretty boy, punishing his tight pucker with every thick dicked thrust. The gorgeous, golden boy grabs his own uncut goods, and gets busy milking his meaty meat. His breathing quickens, his dick thickens, and then Jamar’s juicy jock explodes in thick, white ropes of jutting jizz.

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