Männer lager

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Cazzo Film
Cast: Moran Stern, Tim Kruger, Christoph Scharff, David Castan, Christian Herzog, Carlo Cox, Dominik ua
Genres: Fisting, Oral, Anal, Big Dick, Fucking, Hairy, Muscle Hunks, Tatoo, Group Sex

In this warehouse’s not much work. Nevertheless, all the boxes are packed and loaded! After a snack of muskulose Malocher Christoph is bottled by his colleague Dominik rough. Cleaner Lewis pushes Matthieu until his cleaning agent bottles in the crate and following that up by vigorously. e The sweet Spanish Foreign Valentin does not think anything of being seduced colleague David him to his first joint. Already he just willingly mouth and ass back and David hammering Valentin’s tight hole without regard to losses. Boytoy Christians work of Thierry with dangerous Rocco. When subsequently? End load test it is processed by the front and rear simultaneously. In a dungeon sharp guys are stacked in Fickbatterien. Foreman Tim Kruger frees the devote Moran from Kafighaltung. Famished he devours Tims Riesenknuppel to let him slide subsequently? End in the ass.

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Gay – O Tempero do Amor

Video language: German

You are invited to have supper with the hottest studs and in the best kitchen in the city. Where the head alone makes aphrodisiac foods.

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Duration: 1:36:56
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All Aboard The Bi Express Part vol.1

Release Year: 2013
Studio: BiMaxx
Genres: Bisexual, Gay, Orgy Sex, Party Sex

There’s nothing sexier than some hunky and fashionable blue collar dudes, and Morgan Moon knows this as she approaches some studs working on an old train engine. It’s all the better when they’re totally bi and down for anything, pulling those cocks out and letting Morgan or any of the other guys go to town slurping that dick down! With a lovely lotive backdrop this foursome starts to get bi freaky, loving some MMF style foreplay, but that’s just the start as there’s another train car filled with Mona Lee, another chick, and plenty more dudes looking to get off! This bi express is just getting cranked up, but you can expect this journey to really plow ahead at full as this 11 per bi orgy goes hard and shows us all why looking good and going all-out orgy bi is the best way to go!

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Gay- Fill Me Up (Niko Demon and Bastian Karim)

Video language: English

Fill Me Up (Niko Demon and Bastian Karim): The sweet bubble ass of Colombian twink Bastian Karim is just irresistible for our huge-dicked Brazilian top Niko Demon. As soon as he jumps on the bed, he takes a deep taste of that juicy boy-hole while Bastian moans and gets anxious to grab the huge hard cock and show his skills, giving his dominant top the grandest mouth job. Like a happy boy with his lollipop Karim sucks and swallows every inch and then opens up his ass to let Nico stick his raw shaft deep inside it. Such a bad boy deserves a big load and Nico fills him up until all the thick cum drips out of his well-fucked hole!

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Jake and John

Release Year: 2005
Cast: Jake Roberts ,John Walker
Genres: Bareback , Teen Gay , Anal Gay ,Cum Gay
Video language: English

Jake takes john in the game room right on the pool table. This huge cock loves some action, whenever and whereever it can get it. This game room is getting some serioius action and the cocks are just getting bigger all the time.

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RawFuckClub Andres Vergel Fuck Tiago Marza

Studio: RawFuckClub
Cast: Andres Vergel, Tiago Marza

RawFuckClub present hot video scene uopdate where Muscle couple Andres Vergel Fuck Tiago Marza.

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After Camping – Troop Time – Chapter 14

Release Year: 2023
Genres: First Time ,Rimming ,Group ,Blowjob
Video language: English

The boys got back to base camp in the middle of the afternoon. The three of them had been on an unsupervised, mini-expedition which had involved sleeping alone in a tent they’d pitched themselves.It’s always a bit of a relief when they get back in one piece, but you also know they’re gonna be buzzing on sugar or utterly exhausted because they spent the night telling ghost stories or convincing themselves they were about to be attacked by wild animals.All three of …All three of them certainly looked filthy and pretty disheveled. I knew they would need a rest, but the most important thing was to get them out of their dirty uniforms and give them a few lessons in hand-washing clothes in the great outdoors!I took them into my tent and instructed them to remove their shirts. I didn’t know the lads very well. I’m fairly new to the troop and our paths hadn’t crossed too many times. One of the other Scoutmasters told me to keep an eye on them, however, because they’re known to be quite mischievous. And because I’ve got a bit of a penchant for bad boys, I promised to do just that.It turns out that all three of them are pretty easy on the eye, so getting them to undress in front of me promised a few unexpected perks!My eyes drifted hungrily from one scout to the next. Blond boy, Jack’s as cute as a button with big, doleful, blue eyes. Troye is dark and brooding, with long, lean limbs. And young Marcus is the cheeky, short, smart-ass of the trio. Their torsos all seemed to be developing rather nicely and I couldn’t wait to get them out of their shorts to see whether the lower halves were as appealing!As their shorts came off, my dick started pounding in my jeans. I don’t know what came over me, but I was suddenly imagining all three of them getting down to it, making out in a hormone-heavy heap of writhing, grinding, teenaged flesh. Putting on a filthy show for my eyes only.I heard myself speaking before my brain realized what I was saying. I gestured towards Jack and told him he should kiss Marcus. When the boys hesitated, I reminded them that we were only playing a game and that everything we were doing was just for fun.The words I was speaking were as lame as they were outrageous and if they’d been able to see the huge bulge between my legs they’d have known what was really going on! I was pretty astounded when the expression on both boys’ faces changed and they moved in for a kiss.It wasn’t just a little childish peck – they really went for it and started smooching. I told Marcus to kiss Jack’s neck, and he instantly obeyed me. It was one of the hottest sights I think I’ve ever seen.Troye was watching, looking a little nervous and left out, so I ordered Jack to kiss him before telling young Marcus to join them. They were soon heavily making out, looking like three horny studs.I instructed them to start taking down their underpants. Marcus was in a tight little jock which looked pretty sensational, but he was hard as a rock underneath, so it had to come off. I encouraged him to lean into me so that I could gently run my hands up and down his body as his cock bounced and twitched.I then, somewhat casually, ordered Troye to get his mouth wrapped around Marcus’ dick. He seemed a little freaked out by the idea at first, but my reminding him he was just playing a game seemed to do the trick. He was soon kissing the tip of Marcus’ cock, then licking up and down its shaft.When Jack joined in with the dick-sucking fun, the whole thing shot up to the next level. The boys were soon taking initiative, searching for the most pleasurable acts, watching and listening intently to each other to get a sense of what was working. They were in freakin’ ecstasy!It seemed appropriate at that moment to get my dick out and join in the fun. It was so hard, I could barely get the thing out of my pants!Troye knelt up and started to fuck Marcus’ face like a pro. Before long, Marcus had his hand on my dick and was jerking it with intent. I couldn’t decide which of the boys I wanted the most. They all had incredible bodies and astonishingly hard dicks. I fed my cock into Jack’s mouth and he gave me the most amazing head. His lips were cold, but his mouth was warm and tight and I slid in and out with great ease and pleasure on my part.I looked at Troye and knew I wanted to kiss him. Seconds later, I had my tongue in his mouth and we were making out like horny teenagers. There was something incredibly hot about the thought of my white, daddy beard prickling against his flushed, soft cheeks.Then I kissed Marcus. It was a wet, wanton, dirty, sleazy kiss. I thrust my rough tongue deep into his mouth and he responded like his young life depended on it. I had an insanely pleasurable, almost out-of-body experience, where I was able to look in on the sexy scene and see me, a middle aged man in full, pristine uniform, with three naked boys eagerly taking it in turns to suck me off.The next stage was getting the boys to kneel up in a line, showing off their beautiful peachy butts. I slapped and rubbed each in turn, trying to work out which I was gonna fuck first. I got my tongue and fingers inside Troye’s ass to begin with before making my way along the line to see which one felt the tightest and which one tasted the best.I decided to fuck Troye first and, with great effort, pushed my hard dick into him. He winced and gasped, hugely shocked by the sensation to the point where I wondered if I was about to pop three cherries in one session! He gritted his teeth and took me like a man, despite plainly being in some degree of discomfort. I couldn’t help but go in hard and pretty fast. My loins were too horny to do it any other way.After giving the boy quite the pounding, I pulled out and sank myself into Jack, who took me with a little more ease, but felt just as tight. I gave him a deep, grinding fuck, before speeding things up and banging him good and hard.Last but not least was Marcus, who screamed when I started to penetrate him. He was so tight, he made me grunt. It was probably something to do with the way that he’d kissed me earlier, but I instantly knew this boy needed to be the grand climax of my encounter. I banged the other two again, but knew Marcus was the one I wanted to release myself inside. We had a connection. Marcus was the real deal.I went top speed and then exploded into him. I could feel the semen gushing out of my dick and driving into his guts and then, as I pulled out, it squirted onto the floor of the tent. I can’t imagine ever experiencing something as intense or as satisfying in my life again.

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Beyond Paradise

Video language: Japanese


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