Free download instructions

Remember, you can only download files for free if they are under 2GB.

Step 1: Choose a file that is under 2GB, Click on Download from Filesmonster, you’ll be redirected to the download site (filesmonster).

Step 2: At download site (filesmonster), click on Free Download. Wait a little bit, there’ll be a recaptcha form you’ll need to pass to prove you’re not a robot.

Step 3: After you pass the recaptcha form, click on Continue, Filesmonster will make you wait for about 30s. Then another Continue button will appear, click on that!

Step 4: And Voila: Click on that Download file button and wait for the download to finish and enjoy your favorite video!

Have fun fapping!

After a free download is finished, you’ll need to wait 60 minutes to start a new one. And the speed is limited. Don’t blame them, they have to make money to maintain their servers, right?!