Chaos Men – Bryan Ockert & Silas – Edge 1080p

In the coming months, a flow of Edge videos will be coming online. I finally felt creative again, and with Ransom helping out, it is allowing me to do more- well maybe not do more, but get some nicer angle and film a little more interesting. So to kick off the upcoming releases (remember I dish them out slowly so they are special), I thought I would release this video I did with Silas. One of the best things about Silas (other than his Italian good looks, flawless skin, always hard cock, and perfect ass that begs to be fucked) is there is a REALLY raunchy boy hidden inside of him. Which is at odds with how he is in real life. He is a very quiet sort, kinda of shy and reserved. But he has a lot of dark fantasies- from kink, bondage… you get the idea. I thought we would explore some of those in this Edge video, that originally aired as a bonus scene on one of the Edge DVDs. I had been getting request to see this one online, so I thought it was time to air it, and the timing with newer ones was excellent. Anyway, hope you enjoy this special airing of of Silas’s time in the Edge Chair! More to cum as they say. And Stay Tuned until, I dont know, until January The next 3-4 months have some new and different things going on now that I feel a bit more….dirty! The Summer is ending extra hot!

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:34
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5843kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 561.5 MB

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