Caleb’s Bed Session

Cast: Caleb
Video language: English

Goodness, Caleb’s a stud. Funny thing about doing what I do is that it’s hard for me to keep any one guy in mind for long, and I’m constantly working with any number of amazingly hot guys. So oftentimes I’ll actually forget just how hot someone is or what features of theirs’ blow me away until I’m actively working with them again on a new video and they’re right there in front of me and in front of the camera. So after the last video we shot with Caleb in the dining room, it had pretty much slipped my mind what a hot, tight, lean and tanned physique he has, what awesome masculine features he has, how wonderful those eyes look, and how hot that big, long cock of his is. Can you believe it?! So when he came back to do another shoot and stripped down in front of the cameras to stroke off, I again found myself thinking "Damn!" and appreciating once again what a total stud this young man is. I’d asked Logan to interview Caleb and chat it up with him to get things rolling for Caleb’s new solo, and stood off to the side with a camera incredibly jealous of Logan getting to sit there on the bed with Caleb and smacking myself upside the head for letting Logan be where I so wanted to be. These guys get all the luck 😉 After a little interview, Logan gets Caleb to get naked and show off what a hot bod he has – once again, that tight, lean frame and awesome tan!! – and start to work that hot cock of his. Caleb’s got an amazing looking dick as is, but against that lean frame it looks even more impressive! As his muscles tighten and breathing gets heavier and heavier, he starts working himself up to climax… and oh what a climax it is! This young man can fire off quite the load, and sprays a quart of cum all over his tan chest!

Format: mp4
Duration: 11:19
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 888kbps
Audio: 121kbps

File size: 84.3 MB

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