Soldier Sleepovers

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Cuddle up and spend the night with Tony, Dean and Kody. A Note From Dink…Things took an unusual turn in Soldier Sleepovers when I was interviewing our new find, Tony, I asked if he’d ever done anything with another guy. Tony began to tell me the story of how he and a high school buddy you to have ‘sleep-overs’ and how the two of them would explore with sex during these times. Over the course of two years Tony and his buddy had many of these sleepovers and with each one their explorations would go further. Tony describes in some detail how they would ‘role-play’ and act like one was sleeping while the other gave him head, finger each others asses, etc. I could totally relate to Tony’s story of innocent exploration as I had several such sleepovers when I was a teenager. It took me back to a time when the discovery of sex with other men was such an intense and exciting experience and immediately I thought of Dean and how since his introduction here at Active Duty he’s progressed and seemed to enjoy his experiences with this same intensity. It also made me think of Kody and how far he’s come so I began to imagine a sleepover of our own and so ‘Soldier Sleepovers’ was born. Enjoy!

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