Bo And Chris

Studio: Baitbuddies

Bo Hendrixx has returned to the studio again this week but this time hes brought a friend. Bo spends a ton of time at the gym and while waiting for a machine to become available, he struck up a conversation with a straight Cuban hunk named Chris and they became good friends.
Bo is really built and really tall! He stands at 65, weighs 215, and is packing a 9 cock! Bo is also a MMA fighter so when hes not at the gym, hes burning calories while kicking ass. He still hooks up with girls but since his last time here, hes been testing the waters a bit more and hooking up with guys as well!
Chris is wanting to bulk up so he started training with Bo and once the pair became more friendly, Bo told him that he can make some extra cash by doing gay for pay porn. Chris was hesitant at first but he really needed the money and Bo has been wanting to get his mouth on his 8.5 uncut cock!
Since Bo already did the work in advance, Chris was already informed as to what was going to happen and he was ready to try it out. These two hunks wasted no time and got right down to business!

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Harri Oakland – Ep. 1

台湾の大人気 との共演作品!
口だけでイカせるエロすぎる動画を今まで でしか見たことなかったが実際に極上のフェラを堪能!!

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Luca Visconti: Beno Eker And Marcel Boyle

Studio: Boyfun

Marcel is trying to study. Beno lays on the bed provativley and starts massaging his crotch. Then strips some to further entice Marcel. Marcel soon cant resist the beauty on the bed and he gives up the books for some hot steamy boy meat!

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Adam barebacks Joaquin

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Cumshots
Video language: English

Timtales got you one hell of a passionate bareback lovemaking sex session on this Tuesday. It’s hot steamy chemistry between the sexy Adam Sahar and our beautiful Colombian boy Joaquin Santana. It was passion at first sight with these two. Joaquin didn’t take long to suck Adam’s fat cock and take him raw. Watch him ride that big cock totally uninhibited. It’s a Tuesday lovemaking at its best. Enjoy!

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Zander & Barron’s Voyeur Fuck Video Hd

Video language: English

Barron’s a total horndog, always eager and willing to fuck. So you can imagine how riled up he was getting during the early parts of his insanely hot bi-tag episode, having to sit back and stroke his big cock while Zander gets all the action to himself! Zander was putting on one hell of a show for Barron, that ripped body on full display while getting his cock sucked and even sneaking the occasional, teasing, lustful glance over at Barron. When Zander starts to fuck, Barron gets even more worked up and you can just tell he’s totally desperate to get in on the action as well. Thankfully for Barron – and Zander! – he doesn’t have to wait too long. After Zander’s put on a show pounding away with his rock-hard dick, Barron’s dirty talk and words of encouragement egging him on, things get taken to the next level. Barron gets invited to join in on the fun, and he immediately swallows Zander’s cock as thanks. As Zander returns to fucking, Barron’s intent on getting to fuck some as well. Zander finds himself sandwiched between the hole he’s fucking and the big dick that’s pummeling his hole. From that point forward it’s Barron who’s in charge, and Zander is having himself the time of his life!

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