WilliamHiggins – Mito & Manu Raw – Full Contact

Mito Kovac arrives home with some shopping. He calls out but doesn’t get a reply. Then Robert Smola comes into the room too. Mito cuts some fruit and feed Robert a little. Teasing him with a banana Mito kisses Robert as he leans forward. As they kiss Mito is soon bare-chested too. Then his pants are removed by Robert who gropes the underwear as they kiss more. Mito’s underwear is removed too and Robert begins to suck on his cock. He is encouraged by a hand on the back of his head as his mouth engulfs the cock. Mito’s dick is rock hard as Robert keeps sucking and wanking on it. Then they kiss again and Robert gets naked too. His big cock is hard as Mito goes down on it. That huge dick stands proud as Mito’s mouth works all over it. He sucks on Robert’s balls too and wanks that might cock. Then Robert bends over and Mito rims his hot hole. He pulls the dick back between Roberts legs, wanking it, as he rims that hole. Then Mito’s dick slides deep into Robert’s waiting hole. He starts to fuck deep and hard into that ass hole as Robert moans with pleasure. Mito spanks Robert’s ass too and fucks hard into the eager hole. Then Mito sits on the counter and Robert slides his hot ass down on that throbbing cock. Robert rides the dick as Mito fucks it up his ass. Robert takes that dick so well and his own cock is rock hard. Mito fucks him from behind as Robert wanks himself. With that throbbing cock deep in his ass Robert wanks the cum out of himself. He keeps moaning as his hole is fucked deep. Then Mito pulls out and Robert drops to his knees to catch the shooting cum on his face. He grabs Mito’s spent dick and milks it dry.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:04
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6839kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

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