WilliamHiggins – Michal & Jan Raw – Cherry Busting

Michal Stranik is due to get his cherry busted by Jan Blatnik. They start off by kissing as they sit on the bed. Michal’s tee shirt is removed as they kiss and he runs his hands over Jan too. Then Jan takes off his shirt as well as they feel each other. Then Jan removes his jeans and also his underwear, releasing his stiff cock. Michal immediately takes hold of the cock and starts to suck on it. His mouth is filled by the fat, hard, cock as Jan’s hand pushes down on Michal’s head. Michal shows that he is eager to suck, working the cock deep into his mouth. He licks the shaft too and swirls his tongue around the head as he suck. Jan pushes the head down on his cock as he enjoys the hot mouth. Having sucked for a while Michal kisses Jan again. Then he is helped off with his jeans to be fully naked too. His cock is hard as well and Jan eagerly takes it in his mouth. He sucks on the rock hard cock as Michal lays back and enjoys it. Jan works the cock with his mouth, taking time out so they can kiss again too. Then Jan lays down and Michal straddles him to sit his ass down on the fat cock. Michal’s tight, virgin, hole opens up to take the dick inside. He holds his ass in place and moans as Jan fucks up into his ass. The fat cock stretches Michal’s hole wide as he is fucked deep. He rides up and down on Jan’s big dick, taking it all the way in his ass. Jan fucks hard into that ass, opening it up so well. Michal bounces up and down on the stiff cock before moving onto his knees to get it from behind. He moans as Jan s fucks deep into his ass. Jan’s hips thrust hard as he fucks the tight hole. He grabs Michals hips for leverage as he keeps up his relentless fucking. Moving to spoon Michal wanks himself as Jan fucks his hot hole. The fat dick stretches the hole wide as Jan fucks and Michal wanks. Michal keeps wanking hard on his cock as he is fucked. Then his dick releases the cum, shooting it onto the bed, and over himself, as Jan continues to fuck him hard. Michal wanks every last drop from his cock as Jan continues to fuck. Then Jan pulls out and moves up to shoot his load too, That hot cum squirts out with some falling into Michal’s open mouth. Michel then sucks the cock to drain it completely to complete his cherry busting.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:53
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6789kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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