WilliamHiggins – Martin & Hugo Raw – Cherry Busting

Martin Vcelak is joined on the bed by Hugo Antonin who starts to ask him some questions. He suggests that they might try sex together, which Martin has never done with a guy before. Martin agrees that it might be good and they start to kiss. Martin shows himself to be very keen as they both are soon bare-chested. Then Martin opens Hugo’s jeans, releasing his stiff cock. Martin quickly goes down on that cock holding it in his hand as he closes his mouth around it. Hguo fucks the cock inito Martin’s mouth, going nice and deep. Martin responds, sucking well on the rock hard cock. Then they kiss again as Hugo gropes Martin’s groin. Martin wants more of that stiff dick though and returns to suckign on it and licking the balls. Hugo’s hands are on Martin’s head, holding it as he fucks the dick into the eager mouth. The hot mouth keeps Hugo’s dick rock hard as it slides all the way in. AFter kissing again Hugo removes Martin’s jeans and start to suck on his cock. That cock quickly gets rock hard as Hugo’s expert mouth works on it. He licks up and down the fat shaft and sucks hard on the cock as Martin lays back and enjoys it. With both guys rock hard Hugo climbs over, head to toe, with Martin so they can suck each other. He sucks on Martin’s throbbing cock and pushes his own deep into Martin’s mouth. Hugo fucks Martin’s mouth as he sucks his dick too. Both dicks are rock hard and the balls tight at the base of the shafts as they suck. Then Hugo fucks Martin’s throat and suggests they fuck. Martin is happy to feel some cock in his ass for the first time. Hugo slides his throbbing cock into the virgin hole and starts to fuck. He wanks on Martin’s cock too as he fucks the tight hole. That big cock fills Martin’s hole as Hugo fucks hard and fast. Hugo’s hips thrust his big cock so deep into Martin’s tight hole as he fucks hard. He grabs Martin’s cock to wank it a little too. Martin takes the cock in his hole so easily. He is turned over onto his knees and Hugo shoves his cock back into the eager hole. He spanks on Martin’s ass too as he fucks his cock all the way inside. Moving again Hugo spoons with Martin as he fucks him. Martin takes that big cock and wanks himself too. The huge dick stretches his tight hole as Hugo pounds as hard as he can. Martin keeps wanking as he takes that big dick. His cock soon unloads the hot cum as his hole is fucked hard. Hugo continues to fuck until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cum over Martin’s balls and ass. Then they kiss again to end a great Cherry Busting.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:01
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6823kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 972.5 MB

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