WilliamHiggins – Jirka & Milek Raw – Cherry Busting

We have already seen sexy Jirka Dratenik bottoming in a couple of scenes. But today we present the first time he did that, giving his cherry up to Milek Jastra. Jirka sits on the bed and answers a few question as they are posed to him. Then Milek joins him and they begin to kiss each other. Milek removes his tee shirt so Jirka can feel his chest as they kiss. Then Jirka’s tee shirt comes off too. Milek gropes Jirka’s groin as well as they kiss. They both remove their jeans and return to kissing, rubbing each other too. Milek lowers his underwear to release a nice stiff cock. Jirka leans over and takes hold of the cock in one hand as he also starts to suck on it. He licks up and down the thick shaft and takes the dick deep into his mouth. He moans too as he sucks on Milek’s throbbing cock. As he sucks he also takes time to lick the shaft. Milek’s balls get nice and tight at the base of the thick shaft too. Then Jirka moves up onto his knees and presents his cock for Milek to suck. That stiff cock fills Milek’s mouth as he sucks on it. Milek wanks himself too as he enjoys working on Jirka’s dick. Then Jirka removes his underwear and sits his tight, virgin, hole down on Milek’s rock hard cock. He rides up and down on the cock, taking it all the way in his ass. Milek gives the ass a couple of slaps too as it slides up and down on his cock. Jirka’s tight hole is stretched wide by the dick as Milek thrust up into him. Then they change position with Jirka laying down and Milek pounding his big cock into the tight hole. Jirka wanks himself too as he takes the cock in his ass. Milek fucks hard and fast into the tight hole as Jirka shoots his hot cum. Jirka keeps moaning loudly as the big cock works his hole hard. Then he turns over and kneels to get that cock in his hole from behind. Milek fucks his dick so deep into the hole grabbing the hips for leverage. Then he pulls out of the ass and wanks his cock as Jirka lays his head underneath to catch the creamy cum on his face and in his mouth. He sucks and licks the big cock head to get every last drop of cum from it.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:50
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6832kbps
Audio: 87kbps

File size: 853.9 MB

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