WilliamHiggins – Jan & Filip Raw – Full Contact

Filip Kucera is awakened by Jan Blatnik who has something special for him, it seems. He takes a dildo out of his bag and passes it to Filip. Then Jan begins to kiss Filip as they use hands to explore each other. Soon Filip’s chest is bare as his groin is groped. Jan takes off his tee shirt too and they kiss some more. Filip feels Jan’s groin too and then Jan takes off his shorts. His underwear is already bulging. Filip lays back and his underwear is pulled down to release his stiff cock. Jan is quick to take hold of the cock and he starts sucking it. Filip moans as he enjoys the mouth on his rock hard dick. Jan shows that he can suck well as his mouth takes the dick deep inside. He licks the fat shaft too. Then Jan removes his underwear too and he climbs over Filip so they can suck each other in a 69. Both cocks are rock hard as they suck them. Then they move again so that Jan can rim Filip’s hot ass hole. His cheeks are spread wide as Jan’s tongue laps at the tight hole. Then Jan slips a finger into that hole and fucks it deep inside. Of course having shown Filip that dildo Jan needs to use it on the ass hole. He slides it deep into Filip’s tight hole, wanking on the cock at the same time. Filip’s hole is fucked by the toy as his cock is wanked. He moans loudly as he take the dildo in his ass. With that hole prepared Jan then slides his cock deep inside and starts to fuck. He pounds Filip’s ass as hard as he can, stretching the hole wide. The cock goes balls deep into the eager ass hole as Jan fucks. Then he pulls out and lays down so that Filip can ride his cock. Filip sits down on that throbbing cock and slides up and down, taking it all the way. His own cock is rock hard as he fucks himself on to Jan’s. Then Fillip slide off the cock and is fucked from behind by Jan. Jan fucks as hard as he can into that ass. He grabs Filip’s hips for leverage as he shoves his cock deep into the eager hole. Then Filip is laid on his back to get fucked more. He grabs his own dick and wanks it hard as Jan fucks him. Soon Filip unloads his creamy cum onto his belly as Jan keeps fucking. Then Jan pulls out and shoots his hot cum over Filips face and into his mouth. Filip then sucks on that dick to clean it off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:54
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6836kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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