WilliamHiggins – Istvan & Adrian Raw – Full Contact

Adrian Serdar is doing his homework when Istvan Bernas arrives. He helps Adrian with a maths problem and then suggests he can help with more than that. Adrian is ready for that and they begin to kiss each other. All thoughts of homework are forgotten as they kiss and Adrian’s tee shirt is removed. His pants are opened too, and then pulled down a little to release his stiff cock. Istvan eagerly takes the big, hard, cock into his mouth and starts to suck it. He sucks on that dick and licks the shaft too. Istvan’s mouth works on that cock as a hand pushes his head down on it. Adrian’s pants are lowered more and Istvan continues to suck him. Then he kisses Adrian again and stands to release his own dick. Adrian leans over to suck on that dick as Istvan strips off too . Adrian sucks hard on the cock and he licks the shaft too. He stands up to kiss Istvan again with both dicks rock hard. Istvan removes his pants and kneels on the chair,presenting his hot ass. Adrian’s cock slides into the waiting hole and he starts to fuck. His hip thrust the big dick deep into that hole as he fucks. Istvan takes that dick so well as Adrian’s fucking gets faster. Adrian spanks the ass too leaving a pink handprint on the right cheek. His dick strettches the tight hole as he fucks as hard as he can. Then they move onto the. bed with Adrian laying back to have his cock ridden by Istvan’s eager hole. Istvan rides up and down on the fat cock as he wanks himself too. Adrian fucks hard up into that hole hole with his balls tight at the base of his shaft. Istvan keeps wanking himself hard too as his hole is stretched by Adrian’s big cock. Moving again Istvan lays on his back with his legs up to get fucked even harder. He wanks himself as Adrain pounds his ass as hard as he can. That forces the cum from Istvan’s cock as he continues to wank. Then Adrian is ready to cum too. He pulls out and wanks the hot cum from his big cock. Then he leans forward to kiss Istvan again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:02
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6840kbps
Audio: 83kbps

File size: 864.0 MB

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