WilliamHiggins – Igor & Michal Raw – Full Contact

Michal Renok is rather upset as he sits on the stairs. It seems that his girlfriend has split up with him. He receives some words of comfort from Igor Ujak, who suggests his can help him feel less sad. Michal stands up and they begin to kiss each other. As they kiss Igor’s hand gropes Michal’s jeans. Michal kisses his way down Igor’s chest and opens his jeans. The jeans are pushed down and Micahl takes hold of Igor’s cock and starts to suck. The stiff cock fills Michals’ mouth as he sucks hard on it. All thoughts of the absent girlfriend are gone as he enoys the big dick in his mouth. He sucks the head and licks the shaft. Igor fucks that throbbing cock deep into Michals mouth. Michal wanks the dick too and licks Igor’s balls. He works hard on the stiff dick as Igor pulls his head onto it. He thrusts his hips to push the cock deep into Michals mouth. Then Igor pulls out and kisses Michal again. His dick goes back into the mouth as Michal gorges himself on it. Then he stands up and they kiss some more. Michal then opens his shorts and is helped off with his tee shirt. Igor’s dick stays rock hard as he goes down to suck on MIchal’s cock. That cock slides into Igor’s eager mouth and he sucks it hard. Michal slaps the fat cock against Igor’s tongue and then feels the mouth close around it for more sucking. Igor wanks on the dick too as he sucks it. Michal fucks the big dick into Igor’s mouth too. His balls get so tight at the base of the shaft. Igor loves that cock and sucks it well. Then he kisses Michal again before bending over, on his knees, to present his hot ass Michal is quick to start rimming the tight hole as he spreads the ass cheeks. Then he stands and slides his dick deep into Igor’s waiting hole. That cock goes in easily and Michal fucks as hard as he can. Igor takes the fat cock with ease, as it goes balls deep inside him. Michal pounds the tight hole, grabbing Igor’s shoulders for leverage. Igor works his ass onto the big cock, as Michal fucks deep. Michal’s handprint leaves an imprint on that hot ass as Igor fucks his hole onto the dick. Then Igor tunrs over, legs in the air, to get more hard fucking. He wanks himself as Michal pounds his hot ass hole. The big cock is fucked hard into Igor ass as he wanks himself and shoots his load. Michal fucks even harder into that ass as Igor milks himself dry. Then Michal pulls out and quickly moves to cum over Igor’s face. Igor slides his eager mouth over the shooting cock to get as much cum as he can. He sucks that dick dry after having enjoyed a great fuck.

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:55
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6835kbps
Audio: 86kbps

File size: 959.4 MB

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