WilliamHiggins – Igor & Denis Raw – Czech Up

Igor Tarda visits the doctor’s office, reporting stomach pain to Dr Denis Pletak. He is told to sit on the table and remove his tee shirt. Then Denis starts to listen to Igor’s chest. He tells Igor to indicate where he feels the pain and then begins to examine the area. Next Denis checks Igor’s blood pressure. Then Igor is told to remove his trousers and to lay on his back on the examination table. He does that and Denis starts to feel around the area causing the pain . He gently feels the stomach, letting his fingers slip into the underwear. He feels around Igor’s groin, suggesting that may be the problem. The underwear is lowered as Denis continues to feel the suspect area. Igor’s cock is shown as it lays against his left thigh as Denis continues his checks. Denis moves the cock around as he presses each area and checks Igor’s balls too. The cock seems to be swelling and Denis takes hold of it as he checks the balls. He squeezes and starts to stroke the cock too. Ir seems that Denis is impressed by the cock and leans down to lick the shaft and the head. He licks all over the cock and onto the balls as well. His tongue licks around the cock head. Then he takes the head into his mouth and sucks on it. The cock grows hard as Denis licks and sucks on it. The big cock stands proud as Denis moves up and kisses the chest too. Then he goes higher and kisses Igor’s lips, getting a response. Then Igor dismounts from the table, his big cock poking out in front of him. Denis lowers his pants to release his own stiff cock which Igor starts to suck as he goes down on his knees. Denis leans against the table as he enjoys the mouth on his stiff cock. His hand encourages Igor’s head onto the lovely hard dick. Igor takes the dick deep into his mouth as he sucks it. He licks up and down the shaft and onto the balls as he continues to work on Denis’ cock. Then Denis stands him up and bends him over the table. He rubs his stiff cock against Igor’s tight hole and then pushes it inside. That fat cock slips into the hot hole and Denis starts to fuck nice and deep. His rampant cock is fucked hard into Igor’s tight hole . Denis grabs the hips and fucks hard and fast into that eager ass hole. He pounds the hot hole as hard as he can going balls deep into the ass. Igor takes the cock so well as it is rammed so deep into his ass. That ass gets a few spanks too as it is fucked so well. Denis continues to fuck as hard as he can into the ass, pulling out and shoving all the way in again to continue fucking. Denis’ hips thrust hard and fast as his dick stretches the hot hole. Then he pulls out and kisses Igor again before laying him on the table to fuck him some more. Igor wanks his own throbbing cock as he feels Denis fucking his hole. He quickly unloads his hot cum as he takes the dick in his ass. Igor continues milking his dick as Denis keeps up the hard fucking. Then Denis pulls out and shoots his hot cum too. He also milks his dick dry. Then Igor stands up and kisses him again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:51
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6837kbps
Audio: 89kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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