The Prize – The Boy Jack – Chapter 2

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Jack is one of those troubled lads that make the perfect boy toys. Dark hair, pale, soft skin, brown, sultry, wanton eyes. I spotted him in the auction room and instantly knew his story. I also immediately knew that Jack was a purchase I had to make, whatever the cost..Boys like Jack crave abuse. His Dad would have been a distant, brutal sort of guy and the boy would have learned the only way he was going to get attention was by acting up. He’d have learned to deal with the beatings. Probably started to crave them.The two tattoos …The two tattoos on his back told a story in themselves: He’d have gotten those to make his Dad angry. Marking up his smooth, perfect flesh, taking ownership of himself in defiance of his old man’s authority. That rebellious streak comes at a cost, and he now doubt would have to pay. Now that would have been a scene worth watching!The auction went smoothly. The other men knew I wanted Jack and that I was gonna pay whatever it took to get him. Even among the other masters, I have a way of getting what I want. They backed off pretty quickly and I got him for a good price.He was delivered to my hotel room the following evening. I chose my most expensive suit and spent time in front of the mirror getting the tie looking just right. My cock started to stiffen at the thought of the kid watching his own Daddy tying ties every morning through a crack in the bedroom door. Daddy would probably then waft past him on the landing, filling the lad’s nostrils with expensive cologne, while being completely unaware of his son’s presence!A suit makes a man. And there is no man that doesn’t look better in a suit. The soft shirt clings to every curve of the torso. I was wearing the grey tie I’d bought on one of my trips to Italy. As I looked in the mirror, a memory was triggered. The last time I’d worn that tie, I had taken a young lad’s virginity. Just some kid off the street. I didn’t get naked. I just fucked him through the fly in my trousers, dumped a huge load in him, zipped up and left him whimpering. It wasn’t my usual style, but it made me so horny I had to jerk off again when I got home!I felt a rush of excitement. A sense of power. I could make this lad’s first experience anything I wanted it to be. I could reinforce his sense of worthlessness. I could be gentle with him. I could hurt him…He knocked on the door. I sat on the bed, legs spread, and told him to enter. There wasn’t gonna be any unnecessary talking. I knew everything I needed to know about Jack and he didn’t need to know jack about me!Man, that kid looked scared! He was naked but for the black jock and the standard cute little bow tie around his neck. His face was flushed. He looked so fucking innocent. When you see a kid like that, you have to make a decision about what you’re gonna do to him. How hard you’re gonna fuck him. Whether he’s gonna hang around, or if you’re gonna fuck him once then sell him on. I knew at that moment that the kid was a keeper. More than that, I wanted him to want me really badly. I wanted him to be so horned up… But I wasn’t gonna let him cum. He’d be desperate to blow, but that wasn’t gonna happen. I was gonna go slow. Intense…And he took it all in his stride. I was impressed. I barked orders at him: “Get up,” “untie my shoes”. Every command was answered by a simple, murmured “yes…”I knew I had him exactly where I wanted him when I told him to take off my tie. He did it so fucking slowly, like he was savouring every moment. I could see it was triggering a memory of his Dad. He stared into my eyes, his pupils dilating wildly. That’s when we kissed.The kissing was slow at first, but the speed and intensity increased. The boy smelled so good. So clean. As we kissed, I wet my finger and started to press it into his tight, almost perfect little hole. Jack gasped. He was nervous and unsure but excited and aroused. I had him exactly where I wanted him.We got naked pretty quick. As he undid my shirt, the scent of my cologne filled the room. I told him to pull down my boxers and my cock was so hard it bounced when it came out. And for a boy with very little experience, he sucked well. I gave him a few words of encouragement. Correction, I told him how I expected him to suck me and made it sound like I truly cared about his feelings. Not that I was too concerned. The boy needed to understand that what I expect above all else is complete obedience!I got him on the end of the bed and got inside his ass with my tongue. The kid wasn’t allowed to touch himself. His own pleasure is something he’ll need to earn by pleasuring me. But his hole was twitching and his insides were dancing in anticipation.It crossed my mind that I might have been popping his cherry when I pushed myself into him. He was on all fours on the bed and I was standing behind him. He took it calmly. These kids can sometimes yelp loudly when they have to take a dick a big as mine, but it went in pretty smoothly. In fact, it was almost as though my thick dick had been designed to fit in this little guy’s hole. You know that feeling? Perfectly tight. Gripping my cock just right.I turned him around and got him on his back looking up at me, so I could stare into those mournful little brown eyes and see the face of the lad whose ass I was owning. As I fucked him harder and harder, I stared at him with a look which told him that he now belonged to me. He was my property. His only living purpose was to serve me, to please me and to make me cum again and again and again. I was Jack’s Dad now, finally giving him the attention that he’d craved his whole life. I ran my hand over his tight, skinny body and suddenly knew this was not something to be rushed.I lay flat on my back and made him sit on my face. I wanted to shove my tongue into his ass. I wanted to feel his hole vibrating and I wanted to cum, so jerked myself off as I rimmed him. And man, did I shoot! Right up to my neck! Squirt after squirt. The kid had made me hornier than I’d thought!I pulled him back to me and we kissed again as I pushed some of the spunk into his ass. Bad thoughts were dancing through my head as I caught my breath. There are so many options to consider. This kid ain’t seen nothing yet!

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