The Grooming – The Boy Namthan – Chapter 1

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Nathan’s eyes spoke volumes. The large, brown pools gazed back at me as I moved around him, sizing him up and assessing him inch by inch. His long, dark lashes fluttered as he nervously studied my movements, desperately trying to figure out what I would do next. I liked keeping him in suspense.When I ran my hands over his body, he couldn’t help but moan and tremble. He wanted to be owned, but didn’t have the words yet to ask for it. For him, the taboo of what he desires was still something unspeakable and scary. I knew I could ease him into his new destiny. To make him what he was always meant to be: a slave for men like me.His smooth body …His smooth body was surprisingly toned. He had the look of a suburban boy, removed from hard labor and used to a life of video games and fun. But as I navigated his frame, he revealed a body that was perfect for a different kind of play…Once he was down to his underwear, I could see his cheeks flush red. The natural embarrassment about being naked was only made more intense by the fact I kept my clothes on. It was important for him to understand his new role. I was the master, he was the merchandise, and I was there to make sure he would be ready for his first time on the auction block.I pulled his underwear down, just enough to frame his butt and give me the first view of his hole. I took my time exploring it, spreading his cheeks and feeling inside with my fingers. I didn’t need to ask permission or even be excessively gentle. Part of his grooming was understanding that he was there to do whatever I wanted. To take whatever I gave. And, by extension, do so for whoever his future owner would be.He took my digits without struggle. His moans echoed in the dark, the only response he made to my invasions of his hole. Good. Very good. He stayed still on all fours as I continued to manipulate him, feeling his body and entering his sex. And even when my tongue touched him in his most delicate parts, he just took it.When I turned him over, I could see his lips trembling. He was nervous. I would be lying if I say that didn’t excite me. I didn’t want to scare him, but there was something powerful about knowing he saw me as in control. That’s how it should be. How it will be going forward. I looked in those big, brown eyes for signs of doubt, but all I saw looking back was the unspoken plea for me to keep going.Of course, there’s only one way to truly get a boy ready for being owned. I pulled out my cock and put a good amount of oil on his hole. As I stroked myself, I tested the limits of what he could take. One finger at first. Then two. I could feel his muscles beginning to fight back, struggling to accept the stretch he was receiving.But as I looked down, I could see my own throbbing member was much thicker than the two fingers that rested inside him. And one way or another, he was going to have to take it. Afterall, his purpose now is simple and clear: to be used, owned, and bred…

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