The Calling – Apprentice Tate – Chapter 3

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I called Apprentice Tate into my office and instructed him to sit across the table from me. Though he was nervous, as indicated by his dilated eyes and fidgeting hands, he tried as hard as he could to play it cool.Reading through the notes, it’s clear that the general consensus amongst the Masters here is that this Apprentice is something of a wild card. Words like “arrogant”, “haughty”, and “difficult”’ frequently appear in write-ups about him. My initial impression certainly concurs with these views: He looked disheveled, what with his top button undone and his shirt and trousers unacceptably unpressed. He was undoubtedly going to be a challenge. Fortunately, I like challenges…I immediately stamped …I immediately stamped my authority on the proceedings. I made him refer to me as Sir, and adopted a somewhat stern demeanor as I quizzed him about his proclivities. It was fascinating to me that he was still claiming not to be attracted to men—his experience with Master Snow having categorically proved the opposite.I told him to stand, and I handed him a ceremonial vessel to drink from. Less-than-exemplary styling choices aside, the boy is tall and exceedingly handsome. I found myself instantly and strongly aroused by him. I stood up and removed my suit jacket. I wanted him to observe the beautifully tailored vest that I was wearing, and to get a sense of the importance of attention to detail when it comes to choosing clothes and dressing oneself. As I walked around him, touching him gently, I wondered if my initial thoughts had been formed too hastily. Up close, he seemed far more vulnerable. I sensed in him a desire to please. Perhaps Apprentice Tate possessed the skills to become a faithful member of the order after all?I certainly enjoyed touching the soft, smooth skin on his face. He continued his attempt to maintain an air of aloofness, but I could sense his excitement. I gently ran my hand down his body—over his stomach and around to his ass. His breathing hastened as he began to tingle with lustful anticipation. I undid his tie really slowly before unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes were suddenly alive with desire.I took a step back and undid my vest. He needed to know that I had expectations, and that his duty was to please me as much as he would be pleasured by me. I removed my tie and shirt so that the two of us appeared equal. I’ll confess: I’ve rarely felt such a powerful interest in an Apprentice, and, as a result, I allowed the dynamic to change between us.I stood behind him and undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground, before instructing him to get onto the desk and present his ass to me. He had a beautiful butt; it was firm, round, and muscular, and it screamed to be penetrated. As I fondled it through his garments, I felt my dick dancing and twitching uncontrollably.I took his head in my hand and kissed him passionately. His lips were soft, full, and innocent. He was a wonderful kisser. I undid my pants and started to rim his ass. I had an overwhelming sense, as if the will of The Order had taken direct hold of me, that it was my responsibility to take his virginity, so I pulled him down from the desk and encouraged him to lean over it. I continued to eat him out, not just to make sure that he was physically ready to take his first cock but to give him time to mentally prepare for it.I stood up again and lined my big dick up with his hole. I’m a good eight inches long, which was probably not an ideal size for a first-timer, but a Master’s needs must be met and I was soon thrusting my raw penis into his quivering body. He took it surprisingly well; I managed to get my entire length into him in one fairly swift movement. I held still inside him for a few seconds before starting to pump in and out. His ass felt incredible. It was so tight, yet my dick seemed to fit into it like a hand in a well-made glove.I got him onto his back so that I could look into his beautiful, pale blue eyes as I pounded him. His face wore every emotion and sensation so clearly; he obviously desired me as much as I desired him. We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity, and crazy thoughts bounced around in my brain. Was this the most intense fuck of my life? Had I always been destined to take this Apprentice’s virginity? I knew that in the cold light of day, these thoughts would dissipate, but in that moment they felt intense and real, and they brought me closer and closer to orgasm.I started pumping harder than ever, slamming my dick in and out until I exploded deep inside him, filling his guts with my DNA. I grabbed his erect dick and started to jerk it. He wrapped his hands around mine before taking over the jacking. Within seconds, jets of semen were flying from the tip of his tool and coating his stomach in a creamy puddle of satisfaction. I sucked his dick dry before kissing him again.This Apprentice is special. And, at least for the time being, he’s all mine.

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