Roman Todd, Jordan Levine

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If you been following the latest installment of the randy blue summer series, welcome to la, then you better hold on to your crotch, because we are entering west hollywood, the gayest city on the gayest day of the year. pride. and the pairing is going to be a doozy. zane porter and angel santiago messed up their latest job which ended up with tyler wolf . now they have a million dollar painting that jordan wants and they are on the run. but angel has a trick up his sleeve to buy them some time. he enlists his bartender friend, jay landford to add a little something to the being served to jordan and his body guard, roman todd. jordan and roman down the right when they learned they have been double crossed. but before jordan can plot his revenge, the magic elixir starts to take its effect. they are overcome with a hot passion that leads them to strip down and go at it right in the bathroom. jordan tops roman, but then roman convinces jordan to give up that sweet hot ass. jordan is on the bottom you guys, this is some hot gay fucking that is not to be missed.
welcome to west hollywood. it is pride weekend and jordan levine and roman todd just realized that they have been double crossed by zane porter and angel santiago. they have to them. but angel got hot bartender jay landford to spike their so they can have a head start of going on the run. the magic elixir takes effect and jordan goes to the bathroom to throw it up. however, it is then that he first realizes how big and hot roman is. he starts to feel up his hard muscles and makes him take his shirt off. the two are overcome with passion and began to make out. the two start one of the hottest hard core bathroom fucks that has ever been recorded in gay porn. they suck each other off and then jordan starts to rim roman. he sits on the toilet and lets roman ride him. then roman starts slapping his hard cock on jordan. he wants to shove it up his ass. jordan is hesitant, but he is so horny he decides to go for it and lets roman fuck him doggie style over the john. finally they end with cum shots all over their faces. this is the best gay video porn you are going to see in a while. do not miss it.

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