Oliver James, Mitch Cox, Rick Fantana

Studio: Masonic Boys

Apprentice James felt the first peg enter his hole with a fiery sting. He was not quite ready as he sat down on the shiny wooden bench, intimidated by the line of toys securely sealed to its surface. He looked into Master Coxs eyes as he sat across the room, enthroned by a large red chair and positioned such that James could perfectly and expectedly meet his gaze. He looked for a sign of Coxs mercy, but it was clear that the older man did not intend for him to stop. Sacrifice and hard work was part of every rite and ritual on the way to becoming a Master Mason. James knew this and accepted it. But it didnt make the work any less challenging. Up until Master Legrand stuck his long finger through his sphincter, hed never experienced the sensation of his hole widening beyond his control. Now, he was testing himself far beyond the demands of a single digit. Master Cox was a handsome man with summer-tanned skin and a dark mustache. He didnt appear immediately threatening or intimidating. In fact, he had the look of a regular dad. Someone he might have met in life. He could have been a teacher, an office manager, a boss, or even the parent of one of his friends. At any other moment, he might have disappeared in the background of his suburban life, another face in a sea of elders. But here, in the dark, black room of the temple, he was imbued with power and authority that James had to recognize. As Apprentice James eased himself down, Master Cox face expressed something less than satisfaction. While James felt like he was pushing himself, Master Cox seemed to interpret this as merely the warm up. And looking at what was to come, it was clear that the young man was naive to feel like this was a challenge. Nevertheless, when the older man ordered him to proceed to the next peg, the apprentice did so without hesitation. While he felt an intense heat around his ears and cheeks and a rapid pulse beating within his heart, he did what he thought was demanded of him. As he moved down the line, James felt himself becoming more and more acclimated to the stretching of his hole. The objects seemed to be a warm up for the one before it, much easier to take on each level up. But whenever it seemed like he was cheating the Order by not pressing firmly down against the bench, Master Fantana, a younger but equally handsome superior, stood beside him, ready to press down on his shoulders and ensure he was fully engulfing the object. Master Fantana would occasionally oil up the next peg, getting it ready for the apprentices next step. He would rub the excess on James body, making his smooth, alabaster skin glisten in the dim light. It somehow made James warmer, covering his flesh where it would otherwise be bare. The warmth made him more persistent to continue while also providing a pleasant sight to his masters. Despite his resolve and determination to meet Master Coxs expectations, his virgin hole could only take so much. The older man was impressed with how far he made it, but knew not to reveal that in any way. Power is only effective when it means discipline as well as reward. And for not meeting the expectations of the Order, Apprentice James would have to face the consequences. The young man was placed on a large red altar with his legs held up by the younger master. Fantana helped the boy into position, bringing his ass to the end of the ceremonial table and keeping his lower limbs held up and apart. Apprentice James was keenly aware that his well used hole was out and presented, right at the height of Master Coxs loins. The thought first made him nervous. He was clearly in a position to be fucked. Hed never experienced anything like that before, and now, in the dark with these strange men, he was going to have a once in a lifetime change. He felt the urge to stop it, but he knew if he did, his entrance into the Order would be finished. As Master Cox removed his pants, he saw the mustachioed daddys hard, veiny cock sticking out from beneath his undershirt. It was thick and throbbing, clearly aroused by seeing the apprentice work over his hole. Something about the familiarity of this stranger–his dad-next-door energy and coupled with unsuspecting authority–made Apprentice James unexpectedly hard. Thinking of this man–the coach, the banker, the , the husband, whoever he was in his real life–fucking him and filling him with his cock sent a thrill in his body. Hed always worried what his first time would be like, and knowing the moment had come filled him with excitement. Apprentice James thought there might be more ceremony and ritual to come, but to his surprise and delight, the older man simply brought his bare cock between his cheeks and slid it deep into his body. It happened with a sudden shock and a feeling of pressure deep in his gut. And then that was that. Apprentice James was no longer a virgin. He looked up Master Cox, staring into the eyes of the first man to fuck him. He knew hed remember this moment for the rest of his life, so he tried his best to memorize everything. The hot, thick air of the room, dense with desire and perspiration. The slight beading of sweat building on the older mans brow. And the powerful, commanding, masculine way his face stared back at him as he began to thrust back and forth…

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