Jax Thirio Bottoms

Studio: Twink Loads

Jax Thirios dominant demeanour and big daddy dick have more often than not led to him taking the top bunk in the bedroom – particularly with younger guys. But, in the latest scene from TwinkLoads, it seems all thats about to change… Sexy Jax has found himself in a hotel room with the tall, flame-haired twink, Jack Bailey. The two men kiss passionately. Jack sits on the edge of the bed with Jax standing between his legs. The sexual chemistry is off the charts. These two guys want each other badly but it instantly becomes clear that the smooth, younger lad is angling to be the top. Jack cheekily pushes Jax down onto the bed and immediately begins to prep his ass for a hard, raw fucking. Jacks slippery tongue dances and flickers over the older mans hole. Jax goes with the flow; this hot young redhead has got him in the mood for pretty much anything! Jax shuffles to the edge of the bed and lifts his legs in readiness for Jacks rock-hard meat, which duly slides inside him… The experience is particularly intense for Jax who jerks his dick and gasps in pure as his hole is plowed. Jack can hardly believe his luck: a twink like him rarely gets the opportunity to skewer a top-quality dilf and he savors every moment. They stare into each others eyes, connecting on a deep, animalistic level. Jack is so horny that he starts filming himself on his phone. The sap starts to rise in the big boys dick and he throws the phone down so he can focus on enjoying the climax, slamming harder and harder, yelling and grunting until his entire body starts to convulse in orgasm. He squirts a massive load deep inside Jax, leaving the older man full of spunk and ready for more.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:20
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7825kbps
Audio: 225kbps

File size: 964.0 MB

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