Jack Valor Meets Grayson Lange

Studio: Colbyknox

In this weeks ColbyKnox video we have the return of Grayson Lange and Jack Valor. Theres no introductory chat. Just the two studs kissing on the bed. Both are wearing sexy blue underwear. Grayson pulls from the embrace. First he has a taste of Jacks nipple. Oh, suck it, Jack whispers. Grayson kisses his way to Jacks johnson. As Grayson slobbers away, Jack pulls off his scene partners underwear. Fuck. Your hole feels so good, Jacks says, teasing Graysons hole with a finger. Want to eat it, Grayson wonders. The answer is yes. He puts his chest on the bed. Jack grabs both butt cheeks, spreading them apart so he can get that boy hole slick with spit. Fuck, yeah. Your tongue feels so good, Grayson says. Your hole is so hot, Jack says between slurps. All of this butt munching has Grayson ready for the main course. I want your cock, he announces. Jack puts his body on top of Grayson, kissing the neck and shoulders. He puts some spit on his dick, placing it inside Graysons. Grayson shakes from the shock of being invaded but, soon enough, gets accustomed to the pounding. Your dick feels so good, Grayson moans. Jack drills to the balls. Fuck me harder, Grayson demands, Jack does and Grayson yelps from the down stroke. Jack maneuvers himself on his back. Grayson is on top so he can have some control. Fuck.Your ass feels great, Jack murmurs. Grayson slides to his side Goddamn. Your dick feels so good, Grayson sighs between kisses. Jack pulls out and Grayson puts his legs in the air. As Jack resumes the fucking, he sucks Graysons toes. It all proves too much and Grayson cums first; his stomach splattered with man milk. Jack pulls out and strokes his meat over Graysons face. His load lands on Graysons eyelid, cheeks, and mouth. Grayson licks Jacks dick clean. Another scene filmed at ColbyKnox! Enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:53
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7192kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 959.0 MB

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