Getting Pumped – Danny WilCoxx – Pt 3

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I’ve been wanting to get serious about weight training for a little while, and after seeing Coach Marko around the gym, I knew who I wanted to work with. It’s hard to deny that he’s clearly one of the biggest guys around. I knew I could never match his height or size, but I wanted some pointers.I asked him over for some personal training and it didn’t take long for us to get comfortable with each other. He seemed impressed with my focus and stamina. He even seemed amused that I was keeping up with him, despite being a full foot shorter and probably half his weight.Soon he was …Soon he was holding me up with his huge arms as I did sit ups off his waist. I could feel his cock starting to harden as it pushed up against me. I wondered if he could feel my sweaty hole under the thin fabric of my shorts and jock. Holding me up like a feather I wanted to feel his skin on mine, those muscular arms against my flesh.“I’ll never be as big as you,” I said, playfully trying to stroke his ego. And with that he started to caress my arms, feeling my growing muscles.I put my hands around his arms as he flexed, barely fitting them around them. I could feel the leftover sweat from the workout as my hands slid around his pumping muscles. And suddenly I couldn’t help but start to get visibly hard through my shorts.He smiled as he reached for my cock. “You’re looking pretty big down here, too.”And all I could do was thank him. He pulled me in as he stroked my cock with his big hand. The sweat of our workout lingering between us made me feel even hotter. He pulled me in for a kiss, letting my tongue slip in his while pushing my small body against his towering frame.He bent down so he could take my whole hard cock in his mouth. I could feel my cock hitting the back of his throat, in and out, lubing my cock for what was to come.I needed to see the rest of him first, so I made him turn around while I peeled the shorts off his jock and made his huge, muscular ass wet with my tongue. Opening his beautiful, round ass with my hands as I kissed all around his cheeks and hole.Eventually I bent him over the couch so my tongue could get further into that perfect pink hole. He pulled my head into his backside as my tongue traveled inside him, trying to hit every wall and crevice that I could find.My cock was so hard it started to leave a trail of pre-cum on the carpet beneath me. That’s when I knew it was time to enter my coach.I slid my cock inside him and he took it with a smile. His tight ring wrapped around my fat cock, immediately hitting his prostate.“Right there,” he said. “You feel so good inside me.”I took my cock all the way out and all the way in, feeling the full warmth of his hole around my throbbing cock.I made him ride me so I could see his face while he pumped himself with my cock. Riding me and taking me into a trance of pleasure, I turned him around and started to pound him hard and fast. He seemed to really like it. And my cock went deeper with each thrust.I laid him on his back and pounded him harder and harder. I started getting close and I could see he was ready to take my load. My cock was going in and out of him until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I clenched my teeth and pumped my hot load into his throbbing asshole!I could feel the inside of his ass twitching around my cock as I filled him. I slowly took my cock out and slid it back in, using my warm cum as lube to fuck him again. I was ready to go for round two, but I figured I’d give the big guy a break. At least until our next training session…

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