Gavin Greene and Max Morgan

Studio: Nakedfrathouse

Gavin Greene and Max Morgan are a couple of hot college guys, tossing the frisbee around one lazy afternoon at the park. Gavin works up a sweat in a quick hurry, and suggests heading back to the frat house to relax. Back at the frat, Max lounges on the couch with Gavin. Gavin, half-jokingly, says that maybe they should watch some porn. Max doesnt object, even when Gavin timidly puts his hand on Maxs thigh. Frat house sex seems inevitable as the two begin kissing, slowly caressing, and touching. Max unbuttons his bluejeans, revealing a huge, hard and ready cock. Gavin takes Maxs member into his mouth immediately, sucking in as much dick as he can as quickly as possible! Gavin runs his tongue over the tip of Maxs pulsating head, while Max begins to stroke Gavins penis. Max, more aggressive now, pulls down Gavins jeans and deep-throats his schlong. Max gulps readily as Gavin grabs him by the hair, pushing Maxs face down further onto Gavins cock. Trading places one more time, Gavin sucks Maxs manmeat before mounting him, at last. Max strains, pushing against the sofa, he whimpers, Go slow! Gavin, gasping with pleasure as he rams into Max, replies, Youre so tight! Gavin claws at Max, pulling him by the hair as he thrusts wildly into Maxs sweet spot. As Max bends over the sofa, Gavin smacks him on the ass, and continues the fierce pounding. Gavin pulls out and explodes into Maxs mouth with hot pearl droplets. Gavins load decorates Maxs tongue and lips with sparkling dots, perfect for a necklace. Max jerks his own jizz across his stomach now, a watery goo palace spread across his torso. Max licks his lips, tasting Gavin one last time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:58
Video: 960×540, MP4V, 1442kbps
Audio: 74kbps

File size: 233.6 MB

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