Fresh Brotherhood Part 1 – Paul Canon, Calvin Chambers (720P)

Studio: Nextdoorraw

Having to attend his s wedding is strange enough for Paul Canon, but when he finds out his dads wife-to-be has a hot son who is also staying at the house theyve rented for the wedding weekend, he doesnt know what to make of the situation. On the other hand, Calvin Chambers knows all about Paul, having already heard all about him, including his recent break up. When Calvin over-hears Paul telling his friend on the phone that he thinks Calvin is cute, Calvin decides to initiate a little ly bonding. Cornering Paul in the sauna, Calvins hard on is right in Pauls face, and hes to admit that its been a while since hes gotten any. Thats all the hint that Calvin needs, as he pulls Pauls towel off and begins to suck his dick. Deep throating him, Calvin takes all of Pauls cock to the base, gagging on the shaft as Paul gets rock hard in no time. He throws Calvin against the wall and returns the favor, as Calvins muscles tighten as Paul sucks him long and deep, stroking himself all the while. Once Calvin is nice and hard, Paul suggests they make their way to the bedroom to finish each other off.There, he gets on all fours and tells Calvin to fuck him hard, and his to be does hes instructed, raw dogging Pauls hole and pounding him completely, fucking Pauls brains out before giving him control. Paul mounts Calvin and rides him reverse, bouncing on his cock with his bubble butt before grinding nice and slow on Calvins long stroke thrusts. Paul is rock hard as he bounces up and down, and ready to burst, he tells Calvin he wants him to fuck him hard again, laying on his back as Calvin spreads his legs and fucks the cum out him. Paul spits a huge load all over himself and tells Calvin to do the same, so he pulls out and loses his load all over Pauls hole, sticking it back in as it throbs at the head, and looking Paul into the eye and asking, How was that, bro?

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:30
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2055kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 452.9 MB

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