Elder Madden: Anointing (With Elder Mason And Bishop Jesse)

Studio: Missionary Boys

Elder Mason is a precocious, vibrant talent in the mission, and there is no ceiling on his potential. The men of the Order see it right away and firmly believe he would make a fantastic priest. They have so much faith in him, that they consider him the future of the organization. His leadership skills and his relatability to the other boys is uncanny – something that theyve never seen before. Some of the younger members of the Order are even jealous of how much attention he has received for his innate talent. It takes years to develop the skills that he naturally displays. Talent and ability is often dished out in unfair ways. His companion Elder Madden is none the wiser as they enter the ceremonial chamber together. He has no idea the hype that surrounds his friend, all he knows is that Mason is a good listener and a loving companion. He hopes that all the good in the world comes to the boy as he has proven again and again to be a loyal and thoughtful person. So, when Bishop Jesse asks Elder Mason to help in Maddens Anointing, Madden is honored to have such inspirational men lead him through the ritual. With a steady and smooth hand, Elder Mason drizzles the consecrated oil over Maddens supple body, Anointing him. Bishop Jesse looks on with tender eyes, impressed at the care with which Elder Mason comports himself. Finally, after watching the boy work his magic, Bishop Jesse rewards both the missionaries with his legendary cock. The boys kneel and lick his cock from tip to root, sharing it in a worshipping embrace. Then, Jesse fucks them one by one, filling their assholes with his girth. The ceremony climaxes as Mason and Jesse spitroast young Madden voraciously, cementing Masons status as the next generation of the Order.

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Duration: 26:58
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Audio: 93kbps

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