Conquering Kingston – Dominic, Kingston

Studio: Black Boy Addictionz

This is one of those scenes I honestly wasnt sure I could ever make happen!
Ever since I was first introduced to Kingston almost two years ago, Ive been dreaming of the day we might finally get to see a big, hard dick plunging in and out of his cute muscle-butt.
But turning this dream into a reality proved to be a lot harder than I thought. Unfortunately taking another mans dick up his tight, virgin ass was a line the cocky Jamaican straight boy has been stubbornly refusing to cross for nearly two years – regardless of how much money I offered!
That would degrade me as a man, hed repeat over and over. I dont care how much money in the world someone can give me, Im not putting a dick in my ass!
Of course the more defiant and obstinate Kingston would get, the more patient and persistent I became. Theres a reason the expression Never Say Never! has become a tried and true mantra around here.
When Kingston finally texted me out of the blue late one night, telling me he was going through some hard times, and proposing an absurdly high amount that might make him change his mind, I couldnt help but smile to myself and begin counting down the days: Yes, even cocky Kingstons virgin ass had a price!
Skip ahead two months later: Sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do to survive, a resigned and embarrassed Kingston tells the viewers at home. Im about to take it in the assS for the first time!
Dominic is the lucky BBA top assigned the enviable task of popping Kingstons sweet cherry. Its been almost exactly one year since Dominic was the one in Kingstons place, with Apollo walking HIM through his first bottoming scene. So he can easily relate to the fear and anxiety that accompany a big step like this, as he follows admirably in Apollos footsteps by coaching Kingston through his first time.
Im gonna take my time, Dominic calmly reassures an understandably terrified Kingston. In the begining! he adds with a slightly sadistic smile.
Watch as this once-defiant straight boy resorts to doing just about everything he swore hed never do for a huge amount of cash – including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, finally bending over and getting fucked for the very first time!

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