Cedric, handsome fitness coach serviced by 2 guys in spite of himself

Studio: KeumGay

This is the bonus video of that same scene in which we get to see some additional footage, such as when the third guy approaches and starts servicing Cedric along with Pascal.
For Cedric, this entire situation was entirely unexpected, so you can imagine how surprised he was when one of ours Keumgay assistants decided to join in the fun, as well! Of course, the assistant was already massaging Cedric’s hot muscular chest, and Cedric was already tempted to push the assistant’s hand. However, Pascal was very turned on by Cedric and the entire situation, so it was Pascal who encouraged Cedric to give in to the assistant’s advances and let him do his thing.
The whole thing with the assistant was unplanned. He was only supposed to adjust the lighting and not to interfere with what the guys were doing on the set. But the temptation to join in the fun was so irresistible that the assistant just had to start caressing Cedric’s hot muscular chest, while Pascal was busy with kissing Cedric.
When the assistant joined in the fun, Cedric’s face expression froze and he was reluctant to let go of his inhibitions. The assistant grabbed Cedric’s cock and started to stroke it while he was jerking off Pascal’s huge dick at the same time. That was something that Cedric was not accustomed to.
Cedric thought that it was just a momentary distraction, but the assistant then started to lick this fitness instructor’s pecs, and when he finally grabbed Cedric’s cock and began to suck it, it dawned on Cedric that things were rapidly going into a completely uncharted territory! Pascal realized what was happening, but he wanted it to continue, so he began to kiss Cedric even more sensually, which made Cedric a little more relaxed. So, eventually, Cedric let both guys worship his amazing athletic body at the same time.
If it weren’t for Pascal, Cedric would have never allowed his body to be worshiped by two men. So we have a little careless mistake that might have ended up with a catastrophe, but thanks to Pascal’s tactful assistance, things went into an even hotter and more interesting direction. This scene was treated as an "off camera" scene previously, but now we can enjoy it in its entirety.
So, to summarize: Cedric didn’t expect that the assistant would do anything else except massaging his chest, and he was about to prevent the assistant from touching him anymore, but thanks to Pascal’s intervention this unplanned event evolved into something more interesting, and – obviously – thoroughly pleasing for all the parties involved.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:56
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 9741kbps
Audio: 247kbps

File size: 2.1 GB

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