Cain Fucks Travis

Cast: Cain ,Travis
Video language: English

Could there be a more perfect pairing? Muscle top Cain and muscle bottom Travis meet for the first time in a sexual match-up that explodes inside and on Travis! I put these two in the room and there was no need for words. These two know each others’ reputations and strengths. Cain, always aggressive and dominant, kisses Travis and gets his shirt off. He kisses almost every inch of Travis’ smooth muscled torso. He pays particular attention to Travis’ ripped abs and chest. Travis takes off Cain’s tight t-shirt and kisses his powerful body. Cain is such a sensual guy that he starts groaning with pleasure when Travis gets down to his crotch. Travis kisses and licks Cain’s dick through his jeans and underwear. While it’s obvious both of these studs are anxious to get into the action, they want to savor every inch of each other. Taking their jeans off, Cain’s wood sticks straight out in his white underwear. He pushes Travis down to the sofa grinding his cock against Travis. He kisses his shoulders, chest and abs. Cain makes Travis suck his dick through his underwear and that uncut cock almost pops out by itself! Travis wets Cain’s dick with his tongue and then shows off his cocksucking skills. He rubs Cain’s foot as he goes down to the root of Cain’s cock with his mouth. Cain reciprocates by jerking Travis, who then starts kissing and licking Cain’s toes. It’s an intense energy watching these guys thoroughly enjoy each other. Cain tells Travis to “Suck those big balls,” and he does. Cain tells him to suck his toes again. But Travis can’t get enough of that dick, and soon he’s back to sucking and jerking Cain’s cock. Meanwhile, Cain eats out Travis’ ass, and then fingers it, getting it ready for his big dick. He tells Travis how nice and tight it feels around his finger and says, “I want it tight around my dick.” Cain goes back in with his tongue, just to show Travis he means business. But Travis means business too, and he tells Cain he’s ready to sit on him. He puts a condom on Cain, and sits down on his cock. Even for an experienced bottom guy like Travis, it takes a minute to get that dick inside him. Once it is in, Cain thrusts up and down, jackhammering Travis. Cain’s strength is one of his best qualities, but to see him in action – every muscle in his body straining as he drills deep and hard into another guy – is amazing. Cain gets Travis on all fours, and pounds him doggy-style. He shows Travis no mercy, slamming in and out, faster and faster. Now that Cain’s standing up, he can put all his muscle into it. Travis tells him to fuck him harder. Cain rams it in even harder. Travis is going to be sore for a week! But Travis loves it and keeps moaning in ecstasy. Flipping Travis onto his back, Cain slams it in balls-deep. Travis tells him how much he likes it. Cain is loving it too – he’s about to come, and Travis tells him to come in his ass. This makes Travis spray all over his ripped abs. Travis pulls the rubber off Cain’s dick and Cain shows how much cum he shot while in his tight ass. The two guys, spent from the intense session, kiss.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:11
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 1906kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 375.5 MB

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