Boy For Sale – The Boy Colton Chapter 3

Release Year: 2023
Studio: Boy For Sale
Cast: Colton, Jonah Wheeler
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, hunks, oral, rimming, twink

From the darkness I was led into the light by a handsome and well-dressed man. We didn’t exchange many words, but the terms of our relationship were clear merely from his demeanor. I was his, purchased and ready to use. This man, Master Wheeler, sat fully-clothed in a tailored suit on the bed. His eyes scanned my body; they dreamed of all the ways he could use my body to please his own. I found myself surprisingly calm as I stared at him from across the room on hands and knees. Behind his mustache sat a wicked smile. He signaled me over with a flick of his hand after what felt like an eternity. I crawled towards him, blood already rushing towards my cock as my Pavlovian response to a Master’s command, a response bred into me by Master Barrett moments before Master Wheeler purchased me. My new Master grabbed my face. I felt his hot breath on me as he grazed his hand over my blushing cheeks. His other hand gripped with slightly more force to hold the back of my neck and keep my head in place. His breath smelled of mint mouthwash and his body of expensive cologne. He pushed my face into the bulge of his trousers and explored the back of my body with his sturdy hands. Eventually, he reached my well-used hole. His cock grew as he wet his finger with his mouth. He played with my ass, delighted with my moans of pleasure. He splits my cheeks open with both hands as his fingers take turns fucking my hole. He was slow at first, but next thing I know his fingers are using my hole like they are fighting each other to feel the inside of me. I can hear the rough pleasure of dominance rumble in his breath. He forces his mouth onto mine to taste my tongue. Exploring the inside of my mouth and sampling the walls of my cheeks, his mustache grazed over my smooth lips. He grabbed my stiff cock through my jock. I am burdened with need—need to serve my Master, and for my Master to savor every moment from me he’s purchased. He gets up and starts to peel off his clothes, looking at me with animalistic anticipation, cock bulging out at me through his pants. At his direction, I pulled out his hard-on and took him into my mouth. His moans came out uncontrolled and savage as his pulsating penis rammed into my throat. His cock is so hard it fills my throat completely. I can’t help but gag because of its sheer size. He put me on the bed to play with my body. As he prepared my hole with his warm tongue I’d completely forgotten I had another Master inside me only moments ago! All I want now is my new Master’s throbbing cock to hit the deepest parts of the inside of my hole. The moment I’ve waited for has finally come. He used the tip of his cock to stretch me out. Pure ecstasy filled my body as he pushed the full length of his manhood inside of my hole. Before I knew it, he was fucking me with such force that I couldn’t speak; only muffled moans escaped as he rammed his cock inside my tight pink hole. He entered a daze of pleasure as he fucked me, pumping me further and further toward his orgasm. His throbbing cock burst inside of me, his hot load filled every crevice with his rich seed. Sweat dripped off my heaving chest. He breathed heavily in ecstasy while the last of his load broke into me. I laid in disbelief, staring up into Master’s eyes. That same smile of wicked satisfaction glinted back at me as I looked up at him. It was never more clear to me then in that moment that I was his, and that this was the first of many times I would be broken in by him…

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:48
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7806kbps
Audio: 229kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

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