Apprentice Tate – Chapter 3, The Calling

Release Year: 2023
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

I called Apprentice Tate into my office and instructed him to sit across the table from me. Though he was nervous, as indicated by his dilated eyes and fidgeting hands, he tried as hard as he could to play it cool.
Reading through the notes, it’s clear that the general consensus amongst the Masters here is that this Apprentice is something of a wild card. Words like “arrogant”, “haughty”, and “difficult”’ frequently appear in write-ups about him. My initial impression certainly concurs with these views: He looked disheveled, what with his top button undone and his shirt and trousers unacceptably unpressed. He was undoubtedly going to be a challenge. Fortunately, I like challenges…
I immediately stamped my authority on the proceedings. I made him refer to me as Sir, and adopted a somewhat stern demeanor as I quizzed him about his proclivities. It was fascinating to me that he was still claiming not to be attracted to men—his experience with Master Snow having categorically proved the opposite.
I told him to stand, and I handed him a ceremonial vessel to from. Less-than-exemplary styling choices aside, the boy is tall and exceedingly handsome. I found myself instantly and strongly aroused by him. I stood up and removed my suit jacket. I wanted him to observe the beautifully tailored vest that I was wearing, and to get a sense of the importance of attention to detail when it comes to choosing clothes and dressing oneself. As I walked around him, touching him gently, I wondered if my initial thoughts had been formed too hastily. Up close, he seemed far more vulnerable. I sensed in him a desire to please. Perhaps Apprentice Tate possessed the skills to become a faithful member of the order after all?

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