WilliamHiggins – Karel Mykan – Massage

Long-haired Karel Mykan gets ready for his massage by stripping down to his underwear. He lays, face down, on the bed and is soon joined by the masseur. The masseur takes some oil into his hands and gets to work on Karel’s back. The oily hands glide over Karel’s back and up to work on his shoulders and his neck. The hand slide up and down the back too as Karel’s shoulders are massaged. His arms are each folded up his back so the shoulder blades protude for massaging. Then the lower back is massaged too, with the hands sliding up and down. Karel’s underwear is lowered a little as his ass feels the oily hands too. More oil is applied to the hot ass and rubbed all over. As the cheeks are massaged they are spread to expose the tight hole too. Then the underwear is removed completely and the legs are closed as hand run over them. Moving down the feet are oiled too and then massaged as well. The soles are massaged deeply as they glisten with oil. Then the legs are parted again as attention moves back up to Karel’s sexy ass. Oil is dripped onto the ass, and onto the cock and balls too. The hands rub over the ass and into the crack and then onto the cock too. A hand reaches down to rub the cock which seems to be getting hard. The ass cheeks are spread too and a finger rubs over the tight hole as the cock is rubbed. A finger pushes into that that hole, going deep inside. That hot hole is fingered deep and then is pulled out again. The cheeks are spread wide to show off the hole before more oil is applied. Then the fingering resumes as the digit slides in right up to the knuckle. Karel is moved onto his knees, letting his ass spread nicely. The ass is coated in more oil and his balls are rubbed as his cock is wanked between his legs. The cock is wanked between the legs for a while. Then a toy is shoved into the tight hole and it fucks deep inside. The stiff cock is pulled back between the legs as the toy works hard into the hot hole. Karel’s cock releases the hot cum onto the bed below as his hole is fucked deep with the dildo. His hole is fucked more as the cum is milked from his cock. Then the dildo is removed and his cock is milked more as a finger goes back into his hole. He turns over and lays on his back to have oil applied to his slim chest as well as he relaxes after cumming.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:59
Video: 2560×1440, AVC (H.264), 6805kbps
Audio: 155kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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