Karel Kudrna vs Radek Rohac – Wresling

Release Year: 2024
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

Karel Kudrna is matched against Radek Rohac for submission wrestling. They both look so good in just underwear as they do some stretches to warm up. Then they begin the match. They grab each other and grapple as they fall to the floor. Rolling around, with bodies closely entwined, they each try to gain a good hold. Karel soon manages to lay on Radek and get a neck hold to score the first point. As round two begins both are fully naked. Again they grab at each other and roll around on the flor. The hot asses fully exposed spread as they grapple with each other. The cocks flair too as each tries for a winning hold. This time a good neck hold wins Radek a point. With lots of effort expended by both of them it is Radek who prevails in round 3 as well. Then the guys take a break to oil each other all over. The slippery bodies slide all over the floor in round 4 as each works hard to gain a submission. With a lot of effort Karel manages to level the score. Round 5 is the final round and the match is ended when Karel grabs at Radek’s dick and gains the final point. Then they settle down to wank. Then wank each other for a short while too. Then Karel sucks on Radek’s stiff cock. Wanking themselves again it is Karel, pushing his throbbing cock forward, who is the first to shoot his cum. Radek continues to wank, closely watched by Karel, until he shoots his thick load as well. Then they both go off to the shower to clean up.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:57
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3932kbps
Audio: 154kbps

File size: 687.9 MB

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