Fit Boy Justin In The Bath

Genres: In The Bathroom ,Behind The Scenes ,Solo ,Cum Jerking Off
Video language: English

Sometimes a guy comes along and you simply cannot work them out! The totally hot Justin is just one such example – by day he works hard in a 9 to 5 white collar job, trying to save for the medical degree he’s dreamed of for so many years. But by night (like most guys in their early twenty’s) he’s a super sexy and very horny fella who’s tearing up the dance floors in and around Liverpool! And when asked why he applied to model, he simply replied ‘spur of the moment’… I do so love impulsive cuties like Justin! So what’s this guy like’ Well, he’s so well groomed that I felt there could be no better place to shoot his first ever film than in the bath. Once the tub was filled and there were bubbles aplenty Justin steps in to enjoy a nice soapy wank. He lays back and his tight balls and soft cock sit just above the surface with light waves lapping up against his hairy thighs and washboard stomach. And of course, we have a nice casual chat all about Justin and his sexual exploits before he’s allowed to relax and enjoy his own body . Justin immediately starts sensually rubbing the bubbles into his golden skin and turns his attention toward his inner thighs which are lightly covered in soft, downy blond hairs. It’s not long before the soapy suds have worked their magic and Justin is proudly sporting a fine 7” uncut cock! Quietly he moans to himself as he feels each firm wet stroke bringing with it more of those tingly nerves that course from head to toe. He then turns so we get a great view of his back as he massages those slick suds in-between his firm arse cheeks. No wonder then that his wanking picks up pace and his hand gently caresses his tight chest – it’s clear he isn’t going to last much longer! Justin takes his intense jerk-off to the next level until he can hold off no longer… his face screws, thighs tense and body quivers as he juts forward and spills load after load over the edge of the bath . There’s a nice bonus film with this one too!

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Duration: 19:34
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Audio: 121kbps

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