Titan express

Release Year: 2000
Studio: TitanMen
Cast: Cliff Parker, Mark Evrett, Tom Vaccaro, Rick Hammersmith, Todd Stevens, Kirk Alan, Rick Matthews, Tony Bullit, Glenn McKalaster, Adam Wilde

Get ready to shoot for the moon: Titan Express provides plenty of high-octane fuel for your pocket rocket. Consisting of material previously released under the title Get it On Line, (1996) as well as some new footage, Titan Express exposes the seamy underworld of package delivery. You’ll see a veritable who’s-who of fuzzy porn studs doing a lot of naughty things during work hours. With nary a twink in view, these rugged men lick, suck and fuck their way into your heart. Or, more specifically, your pants.
First, Evrett goes to deliver some money, and ends up getting chased down by Parker. But Parker isn’t looking for any presidents: he wants to play dirty with another boy. It’s body hair as far as the eye can see as these two go at it with reckless abandon.
Next, Arab-esque Bullit asks Alan to move his "lizard". Before you know it, the hot, mustachioed Bullit gets a big old chunk of manmeat to suck on. He also gets his winking rosette spit-shined by Alan’s eager tongue before he and Alan take turns pounding the stuffin ‘out of each other.Those who like watching their porn stars fly solo will love the next scene, where young Matthews shucks his cob to completion. Next, an irate Stevens his oversized package down Matthews’ gullet. After gobbling down his colossal chunk, Matthews puts legs in the air and takes it like a man.Those who like their men a little lighter and smoother will go gaga over the next scene, where McKalaster gets so worked up over the big engine in Wilde’s truck that he ends up attempting to penetrate the windshield while washing it with his pre-cum! A frenzied cock-slamming follows. Throughout the entire film, Hammersmith (as the horny dispatcher) and Vaccaro (as his prized deliveryman) are getting it on back at headquarters. The heat between these two is turned way up, and the ass-nibbling is top-notch smut.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:04
Video: 704×480, DivX 3, 1496kbps
Audio: 46kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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