School’s Out

Release Year: 1986
Studio: Mustang Studio
Cast: The Christy Twins, Bob, Frank, Jack, Rusty, Ted, Terry
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Solos, Twinks, Vinatge

The famous Christy twins give new meaning to the term "ly love" as they heat each other up to rock hard inttensity. Terry, Jack and Bob have a wild sex break and prove that three is not a crowd. After chemistry class, Ted and Rusty get down to some heavy fucking and sucking. Bob and Frank are not badpany-they give it to each other hot and hard!

1. Twin Reflections
Chris Christy solo, Tim Christy solo
You’re not seeing double. It’s the famous Christy Twins, and we’re pleased to present these twins filmed in their home, enjoying themselves as only twin lover can. Filmed as a visual fantasy, you will see scenes you’ve only read about before. Using mirrors to reflect their youthful images, they display their wares in the true tradition of the Narcissus. You’ll see these two handle themselves with the ultimate in ly love. The twins climax after a visual experience that makes them so hot and hard, the explosion is a welled relief.
2. Around the Rim – 1975
Terry (mustang), Jack (mustang), Bob (mustang)
The only thing better than sex with a friend is sex with two friends. Terry and Jack are visiting when Bob arrives for their usual Saturday sex break. Soon all are naked on Terry’s bed and their hunger for sex is let loose. If ever there was a 3-way love affair, this is it. These guys really turn on with each other. All orally explore the other’s hot cocks and horny asses. If one isn’t sucking on one, he is eagerly rimming the other. The action grows until Terry offers his young blonde ass to Bob while he sucks Jack’s cock. Action all the way…
3. School’s Out (short)
Rusty (mustang), Ted (mustang)
After chemistry class, Rusty decides to give Ted some real action. Still in the classroom, Rusty strips Ted and goes after his hot dick, sucking his would be lover passionately. Both naked, Rusty offers his asshole to Ted for some eager fucking and is obliged with a fuck he won’t soon forget. While being rimmed by Rusty, Ted shoots his load into his own mouth. Ted then satisfies Rusty in a way that only straight guys can do when first discovering gay sex.
4. Badpany – 1975
Bob (mustang), Frank (mustang)
Bob wants to fuck Frank, but first Frank goes to work on Bob’s piece of meat. While Frank is sucking, Bob notices the big piece of cock Frank carries between his legs. Quickly positions are reversed; and Bob is giving Frank a thirsty blow job. Frank has ideas too, and soon is plowing his hard meat into the tight hole of Bob’s hungry ass. What Bob started as a blow job ended with Bob taking a wild horny cock up his ass in every position he could think of. When the film ended, he still wanted more.

Format: avi
Duration: 46:49
Video: 640×480, XviD, 681kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 280.4 MB

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