Dirt Bikers

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Kyle Hazzard, Ed Wiley, Art Williams, Steve York, Luke, Mandingo
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Solos, Muscle Men, Vintage

Five unrelated Falcon loops.
1. Fuck Truck (Falcon)
Luke (Philip Wagner) OgrAb, Ed Wiley OrAt, Tom Manley
Ed Whiley and another guy in a white shirt pick up Luke in their truck. Suddenly they are parked, the truck gatees down and the two proceed to fuck Luke. WhiteShirt takes Luke’s rear and Luke does his best to swallow Ed’s big prick. They switch ends, cum on Luke and then start all over again. WhiteShirt takes some fucking from Ed while Luke sucks at him and then fucks his face. Luke tries a double fuck by sitting on Ed’s & WhiteShirt’s dicks while the two sit on the truck bed. The threee on Luke with WhiteShirt squirting his load onto Luke’s face who then swallows the big dripping hose.
2. Toilet Training
Bill Adams (70s) OrAtRr, Johnny Dawes OgAbRg
A young guy (Johnny Dawes) cruises a mustached (Ed Whiley) in the bathroom so Mustache offers his dick to suck. Mustache rips the guy’s shirt off, turns around and shoves they guy’s face in his ass. Then Mustache yanks the guy’s pants off, rips his briefs open and fucks him. The young guy cums on Mustache’s briefcase so Mustache throws him out of the bathroom and throws his clothes out after him. Another guy with a shoulder tattooes in the john and Mustache grabs him too, makes him suck Mustache and then bends him over and fucks Tattoo also. Mustache cums on his ass and fucks him some more until Tattooes.
3. Use Me
Steve York solo
Besides a pool, a young guy clad only in an A shirt plays with his big boner while looking at a photo magazine with Steve York pictures. Steve appears on the other side of the pool, jumps in, swims across, pull off his wet shorts and offers his horse cock for worship. Steve rims the guy for a little bit before putting him on his back and putting that enviable prong in the aching ass of the reader. Then Steve lies on his back while the other stud impales himself face to face then turns around on it to face the camera then turns back. The reader jerks himself off on Steve’s stomach, gets up, pulls Steve’s cock off to squirt in his hand and then licks up his juicy reward. The scene ends with the two wrapped in each others arms.
4. Dirt Bikes (short)
Kyle Hazard, Dave Connors, Ty Granger
Storming down off the hill, a pair of sweaty, sex-revved bikers pull into a buddy’s place for a cool brew. The good-looking blond host has been out back working up a sweat of his own, and his surprise visit is a weed beer break. But, before you can say "Make mine bud," he gets the real picture. Instead of cooling off, these biker studs are all heated up for a little susk-‘n’-fuck action on the spot – a helluva lot of heavy action, in fact! Clothes quickly shed, the eager blond immediately starts receiving rough intrusions on both ends, his hungry mouth and pulsing butthole loving every powerful piston-pumping stroke of those thick, long biker dicks!
5. Hot Coals
Mandingo OgAb, Dennis Love OrAt, Kent Tucker OrAt
A pair of big-dicked redneck cocksmen are cruising in their pickup, on the make for some hot ass, when the y spot a good-looking young black dude hitching a ride. into the truck against his will, he’s taken to a secluded spot and made to submit to the heavy demands of these fuck-hungry men, as they trade off the strong hand of authority. Plugged every which way but loose, brutalized up one side and down the oethr by theirbined 20 inches of hard studmeat, he’s left sweaty and cum-soaked in a cloud of dust kicked up by their vanishing pickup.

Format: avi
Duration: 47:52
Video: 640×480, XviD, 1168kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 501.4 MB

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