Bullet Videopac Vol9

Video language: English

hree hot vintage gay sex vignettes from Bullet Pac, one of which features the legendary gay icon Bruno.
In “Mouth to Mouth,” featuring Tim Kramer and Bud Olsen, while out weightifting, Tim and Bud start to turn each other on. Bud has to leave for a moment, but when he comes back he finds Tim jacking off to a magazine. Bud decides to join Tim by going down on him. They kiss and caress for a while. Tim now goes down on Bud. Tim and Bud keep trading off sucking each other for a while. Tim shoots a fair size load in one big glob.
The second vignette, “Master Lesson,” features Bruno and Josh Kincaid. While out by the pool body posing, Josh can’t help but get hot looking at Bruno’s nude body. Josh goes down on Bruno’s cock. They kiss and caress for a while. Bruno now eats out Josh’s ass. Bruno now bends Josh over and shoves his cock into him. Bruno pulls out and turns around Josh only to shove it in again. Bruno now shoots a fair size load all over Josh’s stomach. Josh in turn shoots a huge load that he lets drip out an downward.
The third vignette, “The Mating Games,” features Kyle Hazard and Mark Anthony. Out on a farm, Kyle takes a walk and runs into Mark whi is taking a nap. Getting hot by just looking at Mark, Kyle walks over to Mark and pours water on him to get his attention, for as soon as Mark wakes up, Kyle is there to shove his cock into Mark’s mouth. Kyle pulls off Mark’s trunks and then goes down on him. Mark now goes down on Kyle’s cock. Kyle now eats Mark’s ass out. Kyle first fingers Mark’s ass and then he shove his cock in to fuck him. Mark now turns the tables around on Kyle as he now fucks Kyle’s tight ass. Kyle shoots squirts of cum all over the place; then mark shoots a huge load right into Kyle’s mouth.

Format: avi
Duration: 51:56
Video: 448×320, DivX 5, 1390kbps
Audio: 437kbps

File size: 700.0 MB

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