Barebones Raw Adventures

Video language: English

Nine young studs, all dark haired in hot and horny all bareback sex sessions with loads on rimming and fingering. If you are into bareback then this title is a must.
The first scene sees a cute boy, who seems to have some Latino in him, working for a removal firm. He is ordered to give his supervisor a blow-job. The supervisor is Slim with pale skin and short brown hair. He has hairy legs but a smooth ass, chest and thinned out pubes above his eight inch cut cock.
Our part-Latino is smooth all over except for his pits and pubes. He has a thick seven inch cut cock which is really dark in color. Refusing the request for a blow-job he gets the supervisor to suck him off which he does well, working his tongue-ring up and down the shaft.
After returning the favor the supervisor bends over the chair and spreads his smooth ass. Part-Latino then spits in his hole and works in his thumb, then a finger, then two fingers before fucking him bareback and coming on his supervisors face.
The next scene is the Part Latin again but this time he is paired with a guy with slightly longer dark hair and a small chin beard a belly-button piercing and a rainbow tattoo on his abs. He has a smooth chest, legs and ass. He also has shaved pubes.
Almost immediately rainbow tattoo has his legs up in the air and Part-Latino is spitting on his hole and working in his fingers, eventually getting up to all four fingers before fucking him and coming on his rainbow Tattoo.
Every scene in this film follows a similar pattern of blow-jobs, rimming and fingering then fucking. There is also not a bad scene in the film as all the guys are similar in looks and have good cocks.
It is worth noting that there is far more ass play than you generally get in a young studs type of movie so if that floats your boat then pick this up.

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