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Release Year: 2022
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Well, now evening has come and I go to him and I will pull him up to his balls like the last whore …He was confident in his cock and his ass, he was confident in the depth of his ass and his boner, and he drove to the very roots ..

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Czech Hunter Pt.670 (720p,1080p)

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I got really horny while working from my office in Prague. A little walk around the block might do me good, I thought. It was a brilliant idea because I soon noticed a cute guy on a park bench. He was waiting for his girlfriend. That was a shame, he was quite handsome. I decided to take a risk and made him an offer. I was lucky as he needed money for a new phone. Then his girlfriend changed plans and my new buddy suddenly had a few hours to . I invited him to my place and offered him a lot of money. It was needed, the guy was pretty greedy and took advantage of my obvious horniness… He squeezed my wallet dry but let me have some proper fun with his nicely shaped body. The poor girlfriend would be quite surprised to see her darling enjoying his first gay sex so much.

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Andrew Delta Cabin Fever orgy


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Gay Retro Gay Star Trick (1976) Movies

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This vintage gay porn Hand-in-Hand release stars twin Tim Christy as the sexiest go-go stud in Hollywood, where the pros and cons of the business are explored through sex and numerous orgasms.
Handsome and blond Clay Grant, star of The Dreamer, is featured as a scraggly, yet handsome, UCLA senior who falls for Tim’s smooth body and lithe demeanor. Tim strips and gyrates his lean body in a bar, drenching himself with sweat as he dances in skin-tight trunks, and then nude. There is extensive footage of Tim shaking his cock and balls, alternating long shots with close-ups.
Rick Clay and Verne Mitchel end up kidnapping the stud and having their way with him and Tim blows three times in a row (with Rick Reyes, the first Latino man to be cast in a gay film of this nature)!
While Verne is out getting the captive food, the other kidnappers have sex in the living room on the floor. A sympathetic Verne later releases Tim and becomes his lover, taking his asshole hard and deep

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Citebeur Get on your knees and be a bitch for your boss!

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Rakim always felt a bit bitchy. On the street, when he looks all those you macho arab men, dressed in sportswear, he immediately gets wet. He’s so much into beards arab men who know how to subdue other guys. His instinct tells him that his place is at their feets, on his knees, in front of their big cock. His real mission on Earth is to serve as cocksucker, to service big dicks times a day if necessary. Facing Kad le Rebeu, Rakim starts to work directly. He swallows the big arab dick, shows his bulging and hairy ass, opens his puck and takes the raging cock of the boss who is delighted to have to do with such a good bitch. Take it boy, you deserve it !

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